Friday, November 26, 2010

The Winner is…

Well, you are ALL winners to me, and of course I wish I had one of these gift certificates to give to each and every one. I numbered each entry in order received, and headed over to to choose the winner.


Lucky number 13!

Without further delay, the winner of the $50 CSN Stores gift certificate is…

Tonia of The Simple Life. Per her description, Tonia is a “Stay-at-homeschooling goat/chicken farming Mom of 3 Wife to 1.” I enjoy Tonia’s blog so much. Please give her a visit and congratulate her! And, I assure you I am not being partial to Missouri bloggers-- the last winner was a Missouri blogger! Maybe it’s because I have several MO blogger/followers, therefore increasing their odds? Tonia was lucky #13 and commented the following--

“I am a follower and fellow MO Blogger.. I am Thankful for my new stove I was blessed with 4 Days Before Thanksgiving!!”

Congratulations, Tonia!! I am sending you an email right now, and also alerting my contact person with CSN who to email the prize to. Happy Shopping!!

Thanks for all of your entries, and wonderful “thankfulness” comments. We all have a lot to be thankful for. Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving. Today is the hubby’s birthday, and since he now works in retail, he had to be to work at 4 a.m. for Black Friday. Poor guy!

Happy Birthday to the Blacksmith… Love you!!

I want to add in a special prayer request here for my Grandma, if I may please. She was hospitalized earlier this week with chest pain. At any age, we never really know what each day will bring, but at age 97, life becomes more frail and even more uncertain from day to day. We would appreciate your prayers! I am headed over to visit her this afternoon.

Blessings to all, embrace your family, and enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

It’s all gone to the Chickens ~ Coop Tour

Finally, a day last week Mr. W and I had a day off together and spent an afternoon winterizing the inside of the coop. I had insulation duty and Hubs worked on cutting and installing the poly board panels. All insulation and panels were ‘slightly imperfects’ and therefore FREE (my favorite!). He also had to cut down the vintage nest boxes ever so slightly due to a slight measuring error in the coop building process (oops). This proved to be a huge pain in his backside {So Sorry!}… but everything worked out fine in the end.

Here are a few of the beautiful occupants to help show you around their newly finished and decorated coop interior. You’ll have to work your way through a few too many chicken pictures in order to see the coop. Everybody wants to be a superstar rock star, ya know!

Opal BusyBody says, “Come on in.. don’t be shy!”


Sweet Chica


Loretta ~


Sappo ~ I may be biased, but he sure is a gorgeous boy.




Shotgun, the resident comic ~


Now for the Coop Reveal ~

First up, accessories that I’ve been collecting for a while now.


Special thanks goes to Linda of Prairie Flower Farm for the fabulous Farmers Market curtains. They are perfect! And see that “notes” holder? She made that too! Now I can keep track of the daily egg count and much more. Did you also know that the very talented Linda designs her own line of fabric? Farmers Market is just one of those designs. Thank you again, Linda! My little chicken coop dream has finally come true :)


The girls caught on to the Nest Box idea the first day. That doesn’t mean we still don’t have the occasional stray egg in the Run (used for a game of chicken soccer) . But, for the most part, the little eggs are laid where they are meant to be laid.


peek thru screen door

Ruby, observing the activity at the coop, was again totally unimpressed by all this chicken business.

unimpressed Ruby2

That’s our tour for today! Thanks for stopping by!

{Haven’t forgotten the Farmgirl Wedding Shower post. Coming soon!}


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