Wednesday, January 26, 2011

winter wonderful-land

This morning we awoke to a beautiful frozen fog. Is it just me, or does this seem to happen a lot more the past couple of winters? Okay by me… it’s lovely to look at. 

1-26-11 frozen fog mosaic

After morning chores and a quick photo session around the yard, I headed to my hair artiste, who also happens to have a wonderful talent for decorating and all things creative. She had recently acquired this cabinet. Love! She and her dad had also cut it down slightly to better fit in her kitchen. I want one! I couldn’t resist a quick phone pic. I always enjoy my hairdo days, and our visits in her adorable country beauty salon.


Thanks again, dear friends, for your wonderful, sweet, healing words of comfort. I appreciate them more than you will know. Big hugs to all!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Grandma Annie Mae

Thanks so much, Blogger Friends, for your kind words and prayers. My beloved Grandma Annie Mae left this world yesterday morning, peacefully, and in the company of loved ones. This short video was made at her 97th birthday party last October (by cousin Susan). I think at that time we knew that we wouldn’t have her long, but she remained strong in her faith and mind right up to the end.

Grandma’s Advice for a Long Life

Hugs to all...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Winter’s Nest & Catching Up…

Who knew? I looked up and tried to identify this puzzling shape every time I’ve gone out to fill the front yard bird feeders.  Could it be? Another hummingbird nest?


Upon closer examination, it turns out to be an Oriole nest (I’m 99% sure anyway. If you think it’s something else, please let me know!)



I know we have Orioles around the yard every Spring, and they surely do love the grape jelly I offer them. But who knew they were nesting just a few feet away from the house?

So now to the catch-up part…. I have been in a blogging slump, therefore this is my first post of 2011. We have had lots of this:


And more Snow is on the way. And it’s so very cold. Again.

On a sadder note, my Grandma is in the hospital again. By the way, the last prayers were answered and she enjoyed several weeks of fairly good health. Thank you, Dear Blogger Friends! It doesn’t look good this time for her, bless her dear heart. So glad we had a nice visit yesterday. My cousin Susan snapped some “hand” pictures of various family members with Grandma while we were waiting at the hospital. Notice we both had our nails painted? I will cherish this forever.

Grandma's hand on mine 1-19-2011

Mr. W will have back surgery in less than two weeks, so we are preparing for that also. Hopefully he will be able to walk upright again and can be relatively pain-free after surgery.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to. How about all of you? Take care, and hope 2011 has gotten off to a good start for you!

Till next time….


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