Saturday, August 20, 2016

Peaceful Garden Tour

Hi there Bloggy Buddies! Once again, it has been too long.. but alas, I am back again.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of touring a beautiful garden with a local garden club. This lovely paradise, with so many painstakingly gorgeous details, happens to belong to my BFF’s sister Beverly and her husband Wayne. They have both worked diligently on this project, for years.. perhaps. I will share (way too many) pictures I took from that morning.  It is the most peaceful and serene garden I have ever been in. Can you feel it? Also, pieces of their families’ history are intertwined into the space. I just love Rusty Stuff when it is used so creatively!






















I will close with a little story. Beverly and Wayne live next to Bev’s old “homeplace.” One time when I was staying overnight at their house, Carol (my BFF) suggested we (including her two sisters) trek out across the “wilderness” to her grandparents’ place. We did, and eventually got there. However we got lost on the way back home. I would say Carol and I were about 10 or 11 at the time and we were the older chicks in the group. It was traumatic.. but exciting! I would say it was only an hour or less we were “out there” finding our way, but it seemed like forever to four lost girls. We all had on boots which became very caked with mud while walking through the pastures. By the time we finally got back to their house, the boots were so heavy we could hardly walk. And Carol’s Mom was livid! “You girls could have been killed by the mean bull in the pasture!” said She. It is a great memory to me though, and I will remember it always <3 You see, at that time, I was still a young innocent small town girl who thought country life was the bestest thing ever!

Thanks for coming along on the tour. See you soon, I hope!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Warm Springs Ranch ~ Love those Clydesdales!

Yesterday, Mr. W and I took an “us” day. We spent the morning at Warm Springs Ranch near Boonville, Missouri. We then did some antiquing, followed by shopping and a late lunch at Cracker Barrel. I have been yearning to visit Warm Springs since 2008 (the year the Ranch moved just a little over an hour away from us). I was not disappointed, and cannot wait to return!

I will share our tour with mostly photos and very little “talk!” Pic heavy I know.. but, well, I am making up for lost time.. haha!

The tour began with a short video that was just a glorious celebration of the Clydesdales, and included in the mix was a snippet of my favorite Budweiser commercial.. which brought tears to my eyes. I am such a sucker for the Clydesdales, and when they throw in my favorite little equine.. well… it’s a winning combination for me.

Let the tour begin…

Such a beautiful ranch!

Bonus birdwatching while waiting for tour to begin: Great Blue Heron

Mr. W…

Mrs. W…

Our tour guide, Cindy.. she was the best!!

Pregnant mare in Exercise Paddock

Young ‘un – big enough to play in the pasture

Duke, sweet retired Clydesdale (photo creds to Mr. W on this one!)

Clydesdale shoe in Mr. W’s hands…

Baby born on Cinco de Mayo.. 1 of 3 very new foals we had the honor to meet.


Needless to say, I would highly recommend visiting Warm Springs Ranch. You have to make your reservations quite a while in advance, but once you are there I guarantee you won’t regret it! Take this link to see if any tickets are available this season.

Hope all is well where you are!


Monday, April 4, 2016


It took something Owl-some to bring me back to the blog. Some thoughtful friends took me on a little owl adventure this morning to see a nest of two baby owls. There are no words for this kind of cuteness! (edited: at first we thought these might be Barred Owl babies, but they are Great Horned Owls). That “baby down” can throw you off!


Great Horned Owl Babies

Happy Spring to all!!


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