Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day on the Farm

I still have to watch my recording of the Royal Wedding. Can’t wait! While getting ready for work this morning, I was watching sporadically the royal festivities on the kitchen telly :)  Just as the Prince & his Princess stepped out on the balcony for their first kiss, I spied our first hummingbird of the season at our feeder. I mean really… how cool is that?

After a glorious day of sunshine (they’ve been rare lately), I came home to take a walk in the woods and pastures with the dogs. Just on a whim, I thought I’d check to see if I could find any morel mushrooms. I’m a lousy mushroom hunter. I’ve always believed that I couldn’t see one  -- even if a squirrel in the woods would throw one at me. I had my dear late mother-in-law on my mind while hunting, you see… she was a legendary mushroom hunter. Just as the thought of her entered my mind, I saw one! And another, and another…

And another. Until I had about a gallon (well, that may or may not be a slight exaggeration… I’m excited, I tell ya!). I had to carry them rolled up in the front of my sweatshirt. It’s bad luck to take a bag with you on a mushroom hunt, ya know ;)

Here they are in all their glory, getting washed up in the sink.



I can’t wait for this feast. I’ve waited many many frustrating years to become a real mushroom hunter.

So… did you watch the Royal festivities today? If so, what was your favorite part? I’ll let you know mine as soon as I watch it. I do confess to shedding some tears during The Kiss (don’t tell!).

Have a fabulous weekend, my friends!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Heads Up, Hobby Farms Magazine Fans..

Another great deal on a favorite magazine! Today, and only today... Hobby Farms Magazine is $5.00 for an entire year's subscription at Amazon. Remember, as for the Hobby Farms Home magazine that was posted Sunday, this is for auto-renewal. After purchase, you must go back into your account and manage your subscriptions to remove auto-renew (unless you want to pay full renewal price).


A Blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter to All!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Afternoon in Amish Country

It had been entirely too long since we ventured out to our nearby Amish settlement. Today was the day. Besides the usual shopping and visiting, we enjoyed these sights and scenes.

Whistle-pig (aka Groundhog) ~


beautiful baby & mama ~




A long-eared Friend ~


Sweet William in the pasture ~


Hopefully, I was able to send some Amish simplicity and peacefulness your way. Have a great remainder of the week!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hobby Farm Home

Updated - this deal was only good on the day of the post, which was Sunday, April 17th. Didn't want to mislead anyone! Hope some of you were able to get the deal on Sunday. If not, keep watching Amazon magazine subscriptions till the end of April for other $5 deals you may be interested in.

Just have to share this deal :) I adore this whole family of magazines. My sister gifted me with a Hobby Farm subscription for Christmas (love!). Each day this month, Amazon is featuring one (random) magazine at a subscription rate of $5.00 per year (with auto-renewal). Today, and only today, it’s Hobby Farm Home. Run over there now if you love this magazine as much as I do. And here’s a tip-- this price is for auto-renewal (which will renew at the regular price after a year). So be sure to go into your account and manage your subscription soon to take it off auto-renew -- unless you want to pay full price after the first year.

{photo courtesy of}


Monday, April 11, 2011

Introducing: Flat Creek Sawmill

In our quest to never, ever run out of something to do around here, we’ve now added a sawmill to the mix. Actually, one of these babies has been on our wish list for quite some time.  After loads of bad luck and great difficulty, our new project finally arrived a couple of weeks ago. Mr. W has been working on the base for it, and yesterday we finally got to try it out. The Blacksmith and the Fiddler worked very hard yesterday to accomplish this.

Everyone had their chance at a test drive. It was fun!! 

Here, the Fiddler is the operator, cutting a slice of walnut from our old backyard tree that had died and was taken down a couple years ago. His sandbox was located under that very tree many years ago. Awwww ;)



Here are the first few walnut boards (they did get prettier with each cutting).


A closer view – see the Angry Ants?


The boards will have to cure for awhile, then they’ll be project-ready.

More sawmill posts to come in the near future.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


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