Friday, April 22, 2011

Heads Up, Hobby Farms Magazine Fans..

Another great deal on a favorite magazine! Today, and only today... Hobby Farms Magazine is $5.00 for an entire year's subscription at Amazon. Remember, as for the Hobby Farms Home magazine that was posted Sunday, this is for auto-renewal. After purchase, you must go back into your account and manage your subscriptions to remove auto-renew (unless you want to pay full renewal price).


A Blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter to All!


Unknown said...

I got mine, thanks! I wasn't in time to get the other one last week but I'm in for this one!

Sue said...

Thanks Tammy, Have a very blessed Easter.

nancy huggins said...

Thanks..I would like to subscribe to some cool magazines soon.just have to decide which ones I want :)

Catherine said...

Happy Easter Tammy! Catherine

Jenny said...

Rats! I renewed my subscription last month! I love this magazine for sure!

Hoppy Easter, lovely lady. Hope yours is filled with joy and jelly beans!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Thanks Tammy, Hobby Farms and Hobby Home are two of my favorite magazines! Happy Easter to you and your loved ones, From all of us here at Dog Trot Farm!

Q said...

Happy Easter Monday!
Sending blessings. I have enjoyed catching up with you this evening.

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