Monday, August 29, 2011

As Summer Fades

Where has this month, and Dear Summer gone? We have been busy, but somehow it seems there is a new priority every day… and we keep spinning around in circles. Does anyone else feel like that? Here’s some randomness that’s been happening in our neck of the woods.
We said goodbye to an old wagon heirloom last week (Peter Shetler).
I’ve been working on a new pen as time allows. It will be  “Fort Knox” for geese (Greta and her future new gander friend), plus a hangout for roosters occasionally. This will consist of 3x6 foot panels with hardware cloth (14 of them). I chose the panel method so I can change my mind in the future and possibly move the pen or expand. You just never know :) There will be something over the top to deter raccoons and other predators. I never ever want a repeat of what happened to Grady Gander :(
Yesterday was planing day for the walnut lumber we milled last Spring. It was dry and ready to go. Hmmm, we will have to choose special projects for this dear old tree from our backyard that turned out to be our first sawmill project!
planing walnut_planed
Our Hive #2 of Bees (we thought they were Carniolans) had a problem. They were without a Queen. While we were debating what to do, it seems the bees took matters into their own hands. Hive #1 (the Italians) started taking over Hive #2. Also, a frame of brood was moved over to Hive #2 from Hive #1. The objective is of course to somehow end up with a Queen in Hive #2.  We will check in a few days to see if there is any sign of a new Queen. So exciting! In the meantime, Hive #2 is guzzling *two gallons of sugar water per day*. Amazing.


Finally, I’ll close with a mosaic of our Sunday evening drive from yesterday. Just a few random views from our neighborhood. We shared the camera, depending on who had the best view at the time!
Also, Mr. W has had a  recurrence of his back woes. We are not 100% sure, but think there may be yet another back surgery in his future. We would appreciate any good thoughts and prayers on his behalf.
Hope all is well in  your neck of the woods!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Precious Creatures of the Night

This has been the Summer of the Owls at Flat Creek Farm. Some of you may recall my mother’s close encounter with a baby owl in Spring of 2010. Several weeks ago I noticed a group of birds flying right over my head after dark. I was packing my two roosters back to the chicken coop for the night (ah yes, just another day in my crazy life).  After the roosters were put to bed these odd little birds became friendlier, oscillating their heads in a most familiar way. Owls, I thought… “baby” owls! And I was correct. They’ve been guests around the chicken coop area nearly every night. It seems they are preying on the mice in that area. Hey, no problem with that!

Here are some of “my” owls. I do believe they are Eastern Screech Owls. They are very small. If anyone has more particulars on them, please chime in.

They were friendly and calm, even while the camera flashed. 


They talk to each other. Not screeching, but sweet little ‘coos’ – like “hey, I’m over here! where are you?”




My favorite shot ~ love the little curly tufts!


I don’t know how long they’ll be frequenting my backyard, but for now I really enjoy my almost nightly visits with the Owls!


*Read more about Eastern Screech Owls in Missouri here. This link also solved our mystery night call that we’ve been hearing for several years here!

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