Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday’s Pickins

I am going to show off because we usually have a really sad garden. This year, we have a newer – bigger - better garden plot. Bonus: it’s close to the Bee Yard. I think they helped make a huge difference. It’s been fun to work in the gardens with the bees during the early morning hours.

We had plentiful rain early in the season, but we began slow-soaking this garden with the water tank once a week when the hot, dry weather set in over a month ago.

It’s a blessing to have these “pickins” every other day or so.

Currently, the temperature here in mid-Missouri is 96. Summer’s been fun, but I’m ready for cooler temps and all things Fall.. how about you?


Monday, September 2, 2013

Small Field O’ Sunflowers

We have our own little sunflower field on one side of the new garden plot. The honeybees and bumblebees adore it, and I’m certain the birds will enjoy the seeds soon. I’ll be a little sad when they’re gone. I planted this little sunflower field with only black oil sunflower seed from my bird-feeding stash! Soak the seeds overnight just prior to planting and keep the newly planted seeds watered daily. Pretty cheap seed - it worked great!


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