Saturday, November 17, 2012

Life as We Know It

… has been busy! Let me just get my shaming out of the way first. Just look at the dates, people. My last post was September 16. Today is November 17th. Really??  I think I’ve hit a new blogging low. Must.Do.Better. (if you don’t believe me, I understand!).  Also, I’ve become terrible at blog visiting. I’d love to spend an entire lazy day just catching up on blogs! One can hope.

What are your favorite type of posts? Random posts are mine. I believe it is because my brain works that way. So random! That’s why I feel like I’m spinning in circles half the time – not getting any real stuff done (or at least not fast enough to suit me). The older I get, the worse it gets. Anyone with me on this?

Oh yah.

Where was I?

Here is one thing I accomplished over the long, dry, hot summer -- a re-do of an old ice box we’ve had in the barn for 25 years or more. Sorry, no ‘before’ pictures. It wasn’t in horrible shape, but did take some time (especially since at one point I painted it white.. what was I thinking? Covering up that cool old galvanized finish??). I dressed it up with old coke signs (the wire is now gone - Earth magnets worked the best for holding them in place). This way, I can change it up super quick if I want to. Hmmmm.. thinking some Christmas Coca Cola signs might be nice...


We also harvested honey. Amazingly, for a drought year we had several pounds and it increased from last year. Not enough to sell yet, but enough to keep us stocked until next year. The bad news is we lost our two new hives that we purchased. The good news is the “swarm” hive and original hive both seem to be doing great (at last check).

This little honeybee visited us inside. She wanted a drink of honey.

We have a new resident at the farm and I am in love. There is a story to go with this new resident, but that’s another blog post.


Gracie and Ruby are famous!! Well, sort of? They have a little space in the current (Nov/Dec 2012) Hobby Farms issue.


Chloe and Banjo say “They’re just donkeys… what’s the big deal?”

In August we were blessed with a visit from the Blacksmith’s oldest sibling – his one and only brother. Jerry visited from the far away and beautiful state of New Mexico, and stayed with a sister locally. We had not seen him in 12 plus years, but he and the Blacksmith always kept in touch. Sadly, it was their last visit as Jerry passed away peacefully in his sleep soon after he returned home to New Mexico.

I am so thankful they had that last visit, and also that we took several pictures. I loved this one with the good-natured sibling “fussing” going on (cute). These four were the only surviving of their mother’s six children. Now we have only three.

On this Thanksgiving we are reminded to count our blessings each and every day. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! For this and every single day, we are truly grateful ♥


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