Saturday, November 23, 2013


O Sister Where Art Thou? And Where Hast Thy Been?

Uninspired, indecisive. Those are my top two reasons for not blogging the past few months. Life is good though! There have been many things I could have/should have blogged. Such as this…

This girl and I took a wonderful, fun class a couple of weeks ago and we learned some really cool things! Can you believe we (two bloggers!) were at said class for several hours and took no pictures? I do think soon we’ll both have some new projects to share.

Today I’m just jumping right back in with a couple of random pictures.

We had gorgeous Fall color here, but now most of the leaves are gone. In fact, it’s darn cold today! The guys are out with the tractor and trailer, bringing in more firewood. This afternoon I will make a huge apple pie for the Blacksmith’s upcoming birthday (he’d rather have apple pie than cake any day).


We are very grateful for our blessings. A very Happy Thanksgiving to all from us!

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