Friday, June 25, 2010

My Miniature Chickens

The chicks are one month old this week! And they truly have blossomed at this point. I spared them the humiliation of posting those awkward in-between pictures. Well, actually I just didn’t get around to it till now, but… now they really are pretty I think.

Don’t you think they look like miniature chickens at this point? Can you imagine how big they’ll be in another month?


Today I added a ladder (see above) that gives better access to the “upstairs” portion. Not that they really needed a ladder, because they are pretty good at flying now.  But I feel better about it.

Take a look at Roo (“Sappo” – named after my Grandma Winfree’s famous crowing banty rooster).  Can you tell he’s already sporting some rooster attitude?


As promised, here is a view of Mr. W’s latest creation… the Chicken Tractor, aka Portable Run. Made with PVC pipe & hardware cloth and our ever-popular galvanized tin. He also built them a nice Chicken Tunnel that gives them safe access back and forth to the Coop. (By the way, yes… it’s still sitting on the Barn/Cottage Porch… waiting on me to paint the wheels… <sigh>). The run portion moves pretty easily as it is lightweight. Note there is an “apron” of hardware cloth around the bottom to discourage digging predators. Yes, sometimes those pesky predators can even visit during the day. This Mama Hen is a worrier to say the least (just ask Mr. W).


The crowd awaits in the Tunnel…


Today while I built the ladder and a roost, and cleaned the coop, I blocked access to the coop with a board. “Peck, peck, peck” was all I heard as they “knocked” trying to hurry me up. Demanding little birds, they are :)

Here they are… hanging out in the “loft.” At this point, I’m really glad we have the upper area because they’re definitely going to need all the space they can find by the time the Big Coop is complete. I also opened up the Nest Box area a couple of weeks ago… for added space.


Cute Little Chicken Notes as of 1 Month Old:

  • Favorite Treats: Yogurt and Quick Oats (they suffered no Pasty Butt.. could this be the reason?)
  • Favorite Pastime: Running up and down the Tunnel. Just about any time during daylight hours you can hear the pitter-patter of little chicken feet going back and forth. So cute!
  • At least half of them seem to enjoy cuddling, or is it just me?
  • Names, so far: Chica (a very gentle and sweet soul from the beginning), Sappo the Roo, Bella, CoCo, Lucy. 

That’s all the Chicken News from FCF for now. I hope to be back in a few days with some Chicken video (after a technical difficulty is attended to). And probably some Ruby and Gracie video as well. My little donkey girls are feeling a little left out since the chicks arrived. I promise they are still getting spoiled a-plenty, as is everyone else around here :)

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Walkabout: Little Flower Farm

Oh, Summer, how I love thee… but are there ever enough hours in the day? The chicks are growing up too fast, and so far all we have is the floor built for the big coop. Mr. W built them an awesome chicken tractor/portable run. They love it! Pictures (and maybe video) coming soon, I promise :)

For now, since it’s been a long time since I did a walkabout post, I’m posting a tour of my sister & brother-in-law’s farm. We spent Father’s Day there. It was a fun day exploring all the critters, including the Blue Faced Leicester Sheep, Angora goats, Toulouse geese and more. This is my sister’s long-awaited dream farm.

Hope you enjoy!

birds barn flowers mosaic

goats geese bun mosaic

Sheep mosaic   

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Darn Near Perfect Day

After a morning of checking cattle, cleaning the little chicken coop, and other such chores, the Blacksmith and I headed to Amish Country for a nice peaceful afternoon. I’ve often said this outing is one of the best stress-relievers I’ve ever found (that is, besides my renewed hobby of baby chick cuddling or the always-calming little donkey hugs).

Headed down the road to one of the new Amish stores, our first relaxing sight…


The Macedonia School…


We bought lumber for the next project (bigger chicken coop) at the Amish lumberyard. This is what was going on outside the yard…


Along the way, we stopped at one of the Blacksmith’s Amish friend’s home. He is an older gentleman who has been ill for quite awhile, but happily is doing better now. He was helping his wife piece a quilt. Yes, it’s true, an Amish man was quilting. Much to my delight, his wife invited me in also, and we visited inside and outside for awhile. They are both treasures! I had bought some bread in her bakery and then she gave me three nice starts of Rose of Sharon. She also showed me how she makes a wren house out of a worn out straw hat.

On the way home we stopped by our “English” friends who have the blueberry patch. They truly have a history-rich home which I hope to share more of in a future blog post (if it’s agreeable with both of them).  We sampled organic cherries and blueberries… yum!


Ah yes, what a nice, non-stressful afternoon. Just what we both needed. But then, there was more baby chick cuddling in store when we returned home. They have grown soooo much! Can you tell?



After a little run is made to go with the little portable coop, we’ll begin on the bigger permanent coop. All 17 chicks are doing well so far (I miscounted in the beginning – they sent me an extra baby). Thanks, Cackle!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


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