Monday, September 27, 2010

Artichoke Annie’s

Sunday afternoon found us at a wonderful Antique Mall -- Artichoke Annie’s near Columbia, Missouri. If you’re in the area and have never visited, may I just say…

By all means… GO!!!

I don’t know why it took us so long to finally get there. I was in awe of all the wonderful items. This mosaic is compliments of the cell phone camera.

Artichoke Annies1

They are open 8AM to 8PM every day. We were also told that they are hosting a HUGE flea market this coming Saturday, October 2nd.

And, after looking around for a couple of hours there, what did I buy? (Willpower is my middle name – sometimes…)

A burlap potato sack for an upcoming project -- $6.00. More to come on that endeavor later (if successful).

Hope your week is off to a great start!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

“Whatever” Wednesday

In an attempt to blog something today,
whatever is on my camera card from the last few days is getting posted. Well, at least a few. Here goes!

Coop Update – Exterior. (Interior is coming up soon. In fact, I should be working on cleaning up those nest boxes right now!). It’s all about the decor, right?




A tree frog (found by Mr. W on the porch swing).
“Lord, please help me outa this tight spot. Amen.”
(Froggy is fine, by the way).

Henry, looking dapper.


I apologize in advance for the next two, that is if you don’t care for creepy crawlies.

Porch Spider.


Praying Mantis.


Finally, a sign I made for my sister. The old board was actually excavated courtesy of Ruby and Gracie. You never know what those two will dig up in the donkey pen!barnSweetBarn1

One more thing -- Happy Fall, Y’all!!! The sun is threatening to come out here, and things are lookin’ up!


Friday, September 17, 2010

A Baby Shower for a Dandy of a Girl

[Join the Party if you’d like!! - click above]

Today is a special day in which we celebrate the upcoming birth of Peanut, the little boy baby of Dandy and B. (Just 41 days to go per her baby countdown!)

Dandy (Dawn), of Spontaneous Clapping fame is a beautiful person, inside and out, a true Survivor, a fan of my Ruby and Gracie (which is a hint as to my shower gift), and someone I consider a dear blogger friend.

True, this is a virtual Shower, so we have no real goodies to eat, or presents to pass around. But we can offer advice, celebrate life, and send our love… which is exactly what we’re doing today.

Dawn has a beautiful blog, and she is a regular blogger (unlike me). She’s just so darned good at it too!! If you visit, you will see one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen, gorgeous New Zealand photos from their honeymoon, the very cool-est engagement photo shoot ever, and highlights from her day-to-day life. Dandy is a breast cancer survivor, and I believe she lives every day to the fullest. Something we could probably all take a lesson from. This girl is Pure Joy.

A Baby Shower includes gifts of course. That being said, I planned to make something to send for little Peanut. I always have such good intentions. But, the next best thing was to send something someone else had made. Sorry, Dawn, I couldn’t resist sending this Wonky Donkey shirt for Peanut. I wanted the next best thing to you and Peanut visiting Ruby and Gracie live and in person, so please think of us when this tee arrives at your doorstep in a few days.


My only advice is
love, love, love.
Let love be your guide and that’s really all you need.

So, we here at Flat Creek Farm send love and blessings your way.
Here’s to Dawn and B and Peanut in beautiful, sunny CA!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hodge Podge

It’s been awhile! Again! Where doth the time go? This may be a hodge podge of a post. Today, The Blacksmith and I wandered off to a “draft horse and related items” auction. We saw many antiques and beautiful buggies, and more!

I did not take my ‘real’ camera, but instead used the camera on my phone. I’m slipping!! But, truthfully, these turned out better than I thought they would.

Here -- there are many items shown: an antique v-belt pulley (turquoise) that for some reason I fell in love with, White Vis-à-vis (carriage), original spring wagon, antique seed cleaner, antique incubator (I SO wanted this for a coffee table!!), brightly painted horse drawn mower, numerous old wheels… and so much more. Also, please note the Amish boy riding the “trike”… I really liked his mode of transportation.

collage 9-15-10

We truly enjoyed our time at the auction, although we didn’t purchase any of the vintage treasures today. There were a few vendors in attendance. My Blacksmith bought me some lucky horseshoe earrings which I love. And I bought this hoodie. If you’re looking for some cool donkey & mule designs (isn’t everyone??)… then I must recommend these nice people. Their company name is Aardvark Graffix and the phone number is 219-267-4799 or toll free 1-888-582-3513. Website coming soon, so they tell me. They also have some beautiful horse designs.


After the auction, we shopped till we dropped in two different towns. My Maytag gas range has died (for the second time in 5 years or less), so the shopping began for a replacement for that. Then it was home to chores.  And butterflies. They are so elusive!


How has your week been so far? Missed all of you!!


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