Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Natural History of the Chicken

Internet connection woes, computer monitor woes, and other issues have prevented me from blogging yet in 2015. So, I thought.. why not re-post one of my favorites? I previously blogged this post in March of 2010. As you may know, I did finally become a chicken mama (again) in 2010. 12 of those original 17 Ameraucanas remain, and are still doing pretty well. I am ready to watch this documentary again.. I just love it. The video and links below are to various youtube segments of the original documentary. Also, if you have Amazon Prime (and a faster internet connection than we do right now!), the full version is free to watch on Amazon. Enjoy!
Dear friends who love chickens (like myself)…
Have you seen this documentary? It’s been around awhile, but it was my first time viewing it on PBS this week. I loved every minute of it (although much of it is admittedly quite bizarre). My desire to be a Chicken Keeper again was strengthened ten-fold. (ummmm… Mr. W, get ready to build that chicken coop!).
A word of caution for Big Saps like myself… grab that box of Kleenexes. (sniffle-sniffle).
This is part 6 of 6 (my favorite), but if you want to view more, click here for part 1 and proceed through all 6 parts.
Back to taxes and purging…. Fun Times!
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