Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blueberries & Another Goose Chase

Mr. W was so kind to go to our friends’ blueberry farm early this morning and pick four pounds of luscious blueberries. I headed in the other direction on another wild goose chase at a local “exotic animal auction & bird swap”. Still, I did not find a Brown Chinese Gander for my Greta Goose. Nonetheless, this trip may have been productive as I now have my first official lead on a B. C. gander – for maybe September.  Who knew these Brown Chinese Geese would become so elusive?

Thank you, Mr. W, aka the Blacksmith, for sweating in the blueberry patch this morning. And thank you, Friends, for sharing the bounty! These berries are 100% delicious!

We’ll eat some of the berries while they’re fresh, and the remainder will be frozen for future use. Trust me, they won’t last long around here. I think a Sunday Blueberry Pie would be  perfect, don’t you?



Cheryl said...

Oh my yummie! Last year I made blueberry jam, I think I'm the only one that likes it though! Too bad you can not find "your" goose!
Good luck in your continued search.....

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I knew Blacksmith's were good for something!
We went on a wild goose chase tonight too. It was the neatest wardrobe on craigslist. However it turned out to be Maple. Won't match.
BT is doing a blacksmith demo Sat and Sun in Jeff City at a steam engine show. Let me know if you want directions.

Lara said...

Those blueberries look delicious! I would call Baker Seed Co. about your goose. They had several unusual types of chickens and geese around, some for sale. They had a beautiful rooster for $4 that I wanted, but we certainly don't NEED anymore of those!

Down On The Farm said...

Oh my, those blueberries do look GREAT! Yes, I think a pie would be JUST THE THING! Have a great great day!

blushing rose said...

Hi, Tammy. TY for popping by. I am following you.

We did the blueberry picking last year & still have some left over, we had about 25#. Love them.

Now the last critter & I have real problems when we meet up! One day while watering the garden I heard this little rustling at my side but there was NO breeze ... as I looked around I saw that little varmit 2" from my foot. About had a hissy ... I think we both scared one another. No more bare feet in the grass for me.

Have a beautiful day. TTFN ~Marydon

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Tammy: Thank you for posting on my blog and for becoming a follower. I mentioned in a post that I will read a blog that has farming in it's title; I grew up on a farm, and farming is in my family for years. Your blog is really nice, and I will be back. Have a great day today!

Girl Tornado said...

Wow, look at those blueberries! I'm not a fan of eating them by themselves, but I do like them in a fruit smoothie, with fresh strawberries and bananas. :)

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