Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday Girls, Part II

We had a fun, exciting party today! Both girls were dressed up in their party hats, and ready to party…. when it was discovered that somebody (me) had left the gate open. Ruby escaped into the yard briefly, kicking up her heels and showing off a bit (very funny, Miss Ruby). Gave me a little scare. Thankfully, these two gals are inseparable, and when she heard Gracie’s brays…. she was more than ready to go back inside the pen. We had baby carrots and graham crackers (their favorites) and lots of romping around the pen. Then the hat-eating began….


At that point, it was time to say “Happy 2nd Birthday, Gracie & Ruby!” Party over!



Lois Christensen said...

How adorable! I love the picture of the one eating the other hat! Very nice and Happy Birthday!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I love it! Our fur-kids deserve parties, too! I would love to have a pair of Donkeys. Got to convince the hubby!!

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