Thursday, February 12, 2015

An Enormous Flock of Geese, and a New Donkey?!

We’re baaack! Let’s see, lots of things happening around here. We are {mostly} moved into the Shouse (aka Barn/Cottage). This weekend we hope to move the all-important kitchen appliances to our new abode. I will try to do an update with pics next week on the Shouse. Lots of tasks have been accomplished, but still many details to finish. Very happy with our little Barn/Cottage <3
So, what else is new? I have a new donkey.. but she needs some work. I will share a photo of “Opal” at the end of this post. {Teaser}
Our Gorgeous Trumpeter Swans have moved on, but they’ve been replaced in the same spot with the most ginormous flock of geese that I have ever had the pleasure to view!! It was impossible to show just how many geese were there, but here is a sampling. This group was mostly Snow Geese, but there were also Canadians and various others. It is pure eye candy for the Avian Lover, but probably not a welcome sight for the host (Farmer).


Now, about this new donkey. We were furniture shopping over the weekend, and next door was one of our favorite antique malls to peruse: Veranda Antique Mall. Opal appeared to me, like a vision, when I first walked in the door (after grumbling because no purses are allowed-- you must lock them up in a locker or take them back to your vehicle – I get it, buuuut, it’s a pain.. ok?!). There she was, my Beautiful White Donkey in all her glory, pulling a cart with loose wheels. It was love at first sight, in spite of a few flaws.. a loose tail and ear, some chips here and there, and the obvious.. wheels propped up on either side of the cart. She holds promise though.  Don’t you think? Best part is, Ruby and Gracie will not be jealous of Opal.. and she doesn’t eat much. Just an investment of Bondo repair putty and some artistic TLC and she should be good to go. I will update with pics as she is transformed.
Presenting Opal…
It is super cold again here in MO.. just a reminder that Spring has not arrived just yet. Have a Happy Valentines Day weekend, Folks!


TexWisGirl said...

opal is VERY cute! :) and can't wait to see the shouse!!

Michelle said...

I agree with TexWisGirl! Opal is very cute!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Congratulations on your move, kitchen or not. I can't wait for a personal tour but I do believe it's your turn to come here.

Your new donkey is adorable!!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

The Veranda is one of my favorite places and I was just there the other day! Have you been to Artichoke Annies?
I liked seeing that huge flock. I pulled over to snap a bunch of various geese at a large farm pond a week or so ago. Most of them took off the moment I got my camera trained on them. And I wasn't even that close. It was quite a sight seeing all that white on the pond!

Melinda said...

Wondered where you had gone too.
Sounds like great progress is being made!
THAT is A LOT of birds!

Well, you had me with "new donkey"
I hadn't seen the pic yet and was wondering why the mall had a donkey
wandering around! Then I got it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

M :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

like Melinda, you had me at 'donkey'. Opal is cute and I could think of when I saw the geese was...lots and lots and lots of manure.

Debbie said...

Can't wait to see Opal after her makeover. Yes, it's cold here too, but we're going past the middle of the month and there isn't much winter left. Seems to have gone pretty fast to me, but then time seems to be doing that.
Where on earth are all those geese going?
Thank goodness they aren't up by your house! :D
Stay warm.

Barbara said...

That is so cute, I thought it was a real donkey, we have a miniature donkey up the road, we always stop and talk to him he puts on quite a show, prances around, laughs he just is adorable. Thanks for sharing your geese, wow that is awesome.
Thanks for stopping by my blog too, God bless you real good.

Farming On Faith said...

Hello Friend~
I so enjoyed catching up with you!
So glad all is well!

Janet @ My Miniature Donkeys said...

Your post had me running through an assortment of emotions -- jealousy at a new baby, anxiety for Ruby and Gracie, and then, of course, amusement at your new find. Actually I do think Opal is a beauty.

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