Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It’s Wednesday, so it must be…

Project Day!! Yep, that’s right. We checked a few things off the list:

*Recycled (tore apart) pallets into kick boards for the donkey stall (actually, to give credit where due - the hubs did most of the manual labor on this one).

*Manure from the "A$$" pen was scooped to the garden.

*Laundry was hung out on the clothesline today, thereby saving electricity and $$$. Go me :)

*Garden seed ordered! Yay!

Here are two pictures to end the day with:

Sunset tonight in the front yard. I used the telephoto because I was actually stalking cardinals to photograph. I added a Photoshop texture.

here is the only cardinal I managed to snap. He is contemplating which sunflower seed looks the most delectable.


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