Thursday, June 25, 2009

Haying Time

Mr. W has been busy since Tuesday with the start of hay season. The mowing began Tuesday, then those 3 fields dried out on Wednesday… and 3 more fields were mowed. Today he raked and baled the 3 fields that were mowed Tuesday. The whole process begins again tomorrow until all the fields are baled up.

Shown below is the 1962 John Deere ~ newest tractor on the farm! Complete with our New Holland late 70’s model baler. This was taken in the field that is just south of our house.

Mmmm, love the smell of fresh hay.


So far, we haven’t had any rain on our new hay. But, wow, temps here have been in the 90’s consistently for several days now. The heat indices have gone all the way up to 110 degrees F at times. Whew! Big straw hats, long sleeves for sun protection, SPF 50 sunscreen, and mucho H2O – all are very important during this extreme heat. We use this hay exclusively for our cattle. This will feed them during the winter months, of course.

I also captured a few coneflowers and other blooms before everything wilts in the heat. They may not last long!


If anyone could spare some cooler temps (Cheryl, friend and neighbor up north??)… please send them our way. It would be very much appreciated!



~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

We are getting ready for our second cutting! Of course temps here in Tn are going back up in the 90's after a nice mid 80's this week!
If I find someone willing to spare some cooler weather, I will split it with you! LOL!!
Love the tractors! I am a sucker for New Holland!

Lara said...

We aren't all that far away, but I've been trapped inside with the baby because it is hot, hot, hot! I put him in the baby backpack and attempted a hike through the woods yesterday morning, but he wasn't having any of that, so we turned around and walked back home pretty quickly. He was already sweaty and red, poor guy! Your hay operation looks classic. We're getting our first tractor in the next couple of weeks, and because we have no equipment, we paid someone last month $150 to mow down the 3 acre pasture so we could put the donkeys on it. It's sad to see all of that hay go to waste on the ground, but with only 3 acres, it's hard for us to justify the equipment we need. We're still figuring all of this out, though.
Love the picture,

Girl Tornado said...

I love coneflowers, used to have some in my backyard in Ohio. And you are right, this heat really wilts the flowers in the late afternoon. Luckily, they bounce back once the evening shade hits them, and I water them every night too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and never fear, I'm getting my blog mojo back! :) I am gradually making some changes on my blog -- I removed the music playlist tonight as some people are complaining it slows down my blog download. But I've left it available for those who enjoy it (some of my mom's friends go to my blog just to listen to my music, lol).

Also, check my most recent post re: Internet Explorer and Blogger issues. That could be another reason you were having trouble viewing my blog. Supposedly, Blogger is "working on it".

Nice to meet you! :)

Cheryl said...

Howdy from your northern neighbor...I'm sorry but you can keep your hot weather, I'd be happy to share the never ending rain though. Your flowers are beautiful, still nothing in bloom. Fresh hay sounds nice, rumor has it hay will sky rocket this year. Have a great weekend!

Down On The Farm said...

My husband mowed all day yesterday, and will hopefully do some baling this afternoon. It's so hard to judge how much to have down with the slight chance of rain in the forecast for later this week. We sure don't want it to get wet before its baled. My husband is a JD man all the way!! Stay cool!!!

Down On The Farm said...

Oh, and by the way, I agree with you. There isn't anything BETTER than the smell of fresh cut hay!!!!!

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