Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainy Day Thoughts…

We have this sign on our back porch to greet visitors to Flat Creek:

We actually have a decorating theme on the back porch (most everything else is a big hodgepodge here right now). I call our BP theme the vintage lodge outdoorsy theme. If you can’t see the “activities list” on the sign (not the best picture), here it is:
*Bear Wrestling
*Skinny Dipping
*Coyote Calling!
*Frog Catching

S’mores nightly? At least weekly during the summer months – around our cowboy fire pit in the back yard. Do we bear wrestle? No, haven’t seen a bear in these parts as of yet, but we’ve heard rumors of course. Do we skinny dip? Not with the snapping turtles who reside in our ponds. Do we coyote call? Yes, Mr. W has been known to do that on occasion. Frog catching? Yes, on occasion (today would be the perfect day for that activity). It’s rainy again today, and in the upper 50’s. Summer will soon be here – we hope!

In the meantime, we’re still awaiting our barn builder to show up. This weather doesn’t help matters. I’m growing weary of waiting to post pictures of the building in progress, so I’ll preview it here while I wait (and wait and wait…). I promise to update this the very second those first new barn posts are in the ground. I hope it’s SOON. My patience is about worn thin.

The plan is a 30x50 metal building with an 8 foot porch across the front. It will be just a few steps from our back door. I know we’ll love the porch this summer – if we get it built by then (<sigh>.. can you tell just how impatient I’m getting?). There will be an 800 or 900 square foot living area within (“cottage”) – we’re still working on details on that part since we’ll be finishing the interior ourselves. The remainder of the building will be garage/workshop. Here’s a photo of what the new building should look similar to. Our building will be white with green roof and it will have a cupola in the center with a donkey weathervane (of course!). And along the far end there will be two garage doors.

Photo courtesy of National Barn

As time goes by (we hope in a couple of years), we plan to take down this old house with its poor old foundation & roof (in fact I’m listening to a drip from a leak in or around the chimney right now), & other problems too numerous to mention. At that time, we’ll move into the cottage portion while hopefully building a new home (possibly another pole barn style) in the place where the old house stands now.

Anyhoo… that be the plan, folks! Have a great remainder of the weekend.


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