Monday, April 13, 2009

Among the Amish

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Painting: “Standing Watch” by Marsha Elliott

We traveled to our nearby Amish Community and whiled away this rainy day. This is one thing about Mr. W still being unemployed that is a good thing – more day trips! “Amish Day” is always a fun trip, and we come back with some great ‘bent and dent’ buys as well. Additionally, I always feel I leave there with a better, more relaxed perspective on life. Here is a description of a few of the highlights today. (I always wish it were permissible to photograph the Amish, but I do respect their beliefs.)

At the first ‘bent and dent’ store, an 8 year old boy was our cashier. When he had difficulties ringing up my 20 or so Power Bars at 5¢ each, he called for assistance from his 10 year old brother. Assisting this duo was their 5 year old brother who was rather nervously boxing up the items. The painting above reminds me of this adorable trio of brothers.

We observed a young brother and sister pair picking up hickory nuts. Also saw two young ladies bringing in two very large baskets of eggs from the chicken house… giggling all the way. Many kids were out fishing today on the pond, in spite of the light rain showers. In fact, it did seem that most residents of the community were ‘goofing off’… and it just appeared to me that today was an official holiday for them….perhaps Easter Monday?

At our favorite country store, we visited with our favorite little lady who is always chatty and good-humored. She was particularly beaming today, even happier than usual. There were many visitors arriving and departing by buggy. She informed us that they were all coming to see their new grandbaby who was upstairs from the store. Their 61st grandchild. She also told us it was very hard for her to come downstairs and attend to customers because of that little ‘magnet’ upstairs who kept beckoning to her. I don’t know how a grandmother would even keep 61 grandkids straight.. I mean really!! But it was quite obvious that each of her grandbabies were very special to her.

Mr. W is friends with many in the Amish Community. Since he and his ‘Pappy” build buggies and carriages, they’ve had many dealings with the Amish during the years. Many of the old friends we went to visit today were out and about, so we missed visits with them this time. Nonetheless.. it was a fun and interesting day, and yes, I did return home with that better perspective on life. (Note to Self: hold that thought!)



Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I too am intrigued by the Amish. I've watch for Richer or Poorer almost as much as Oh Brother.
Your comptuer skills are great. I love your slide show. I am going to have to figure out how to do that.
Bernie said to tell you he has "something" for Preston. That's the only clue he gave me. Oh these men and their toys.
Did you pick up any spices at the Amish store? They usually have fresh ones. Good cheese too, BT likes the pepper cheese.

Anonymous said...

I am visiting for the first time, and am intrigued by your discussion of the Amish community near you. We also live close to Amish here in NE Indiana. And I remember that years ago (possibly about 15 years), a contingent of Amish moved from here to Missouri. An interesting group of people.

Sharon said...

I have to stop to take a moment to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your posts on your local Amish community. We too live practically within an Amish community, in fact there are six communities around us. We've been invited to an Amish wedding in another Missouri town in a few weeks. Our friends have a daughter the same age as ours and they are great friends too, so when our daughter asked to wear an Amish dress to the wedding, they were tickled pink to dress her up like an Amish doll. Great fun was had by all that day. Now they are making her, her own dress, cape, apron and kappa.

You have taken some beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them!

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