Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Barn Raising, Day 3

(NOTE: for background on this project, please refer to the last half of "Rainy Day Thoughts")

The builders were very productive again today. Most of the metal is on the barn, except for the roof. All windows and the walk-in door are installed (but we will add a few more after completion, although this will be a major pain methinks).

day 3 - hour 8

day 3 - picII

The second picture is taken from the southwest corner. In thirty years of marriage we have never had the luxury of a garage, so rest assured… this will be greatly appreciated!

I went mushroom hunting tonight. Should have been prime morel hunting after our 70+ degree day. I found no mushrooms, but I did find a very old feeder top. I was so excited at first because I thought it said “Feed Donkeys”. However, upon closer examination it says “Feed Conkey’s”. What?! I think I will keep it anyway. It’s already flattened on the backside, so upside-down it could make a nice primitive planter hung on a fence post…. or something? If you have any ideas, please share.


More barn updates tomorrow I hope!


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