Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Barn Raising, Day 7

Concrete! The first concrete truck arrived at about 7:30 this morning. A bit later, truck number two arrived. Each truck carried 11 yards of concrete to the interior of the Barn. Quite a process!

day 7 - picI

day 7 - picII

It was a little chilly and damp-ish today, so everything took longer to dry than usual. Other than that, it all seemed to go well (except for a couple of JRT paw prints!).

Tonight we have torrential rains again, so I really doubt we have any more progress until early next week. Then it will be the builders’ final step – pouring concrete for the porch floor. The forms are up and ready!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Looks almost ready for a barn dance. We are having heavy rains too. I'm praying for dry weather at Sedalia. We are leaving about 9 in the morning.
Patti and BT

Chanda said...

Just checking in, I hear maybe more rain for today. The water is still standing in the feild today, down by the highway, not sure if it's off the roadway today or not. We had 5 inches of rain here in 2 hours the other night.
Our poor drive way has big wash places in it where the water rushed down our hill so fast. We will have to grade it with a blade to fix it now. We just had 8 loads of gravel hauled here last summer and we had the best driveway around. So much for that now. I hope the river doesn't get out of it's banks, if it does, it blocks my route into Jamestown and I have to drive down a gravel road about 8 miles longer to get there and it blocks the Jamestown folks from coming my way. Luckily we live where we can still go to Jeff City, even when the water is out. Be so glad when this is gone. I was hoping to finish powerwashing the house today.....too cold.

The barn is coming right along. We did excately the same thing about 7 years ago. We put up a metal building and poured 27 yyards of concrete, everywhere except in the horse stalls. It makes for easy cleaning up thats for sure.

Better run,

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