Tuesday, April 14, 2009

“Monroe County Influences” ♫

Ok… the big day has finally arrived. The CDs are here! Our fiddler, John, recorded this back in 2004 (yes, we can really be a family of procrastinators at times). It turned out great, and it was well worth the wait. So, if you’re a Missouri fiddling fan… or just want to expand your musical horizons, check out "Monroe County Influences, Volume I."

Check out the preview clips on the side bar ----->>
and also check out John's website here...
Broken Bow Fiddle Co



Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Cool album cover! Or does that date me? Maybe I should call it a CD cover. Please bring some to BAM and we will get one from you.
Gotta run, my mushrooms are almost finished cooking!

Anonymous said...

Hi There, Visit:


I am sharing John's music!!!

PS: Does John have a You Tube channel
or any music videos to post???

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