Monday, May 4, 2009

Barn Raising, Day 8

(NOTE: for background on this project, please refer to the last half of "Rainy Day Thoughts")
It’s complete! Well, actually, far from it. But the builders did finish their part today. We now have concrete on the porch too. Yippee!!

day 8 - picI
Here’s a view across the length of the porch. Lots of room for rockers, flowers, etc. Eventually. In the meantime while we’re drying completely… hopefully raccoons, possums, deer and other furry critters will stay at bay.

day 8 - picII

Banjo had to leave her mark.

day 8 - picIII

I’ll still post updates on our progress. I think the next thing we’re doing is sealing the concrete. Then electricity, plumbing, more windows and at least one more walk-thru door. Wall for the “cottage” area. Finish the walls in the cottage, add ceiling, trim, etc. Put up work benches, etc in the “barn” area. Much to do!

Thanks for sharing our Barn Raising journey! Stay tuned for more fun and games!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Concrete looks great. Electricity would be nice for the barn dance. Did Mr W tell you that you can get a magnetic rod and hang your girls on the refrigerator or any steel door. I got mine at Family dollar, cheaper than Wal-mart's.

Jackie said...

Wow, I'm away from blogger for a few days and your barn is built! It looks great!

Lois Christensen said...

Looks great!! Hope the other critters stayed away and didn't leave their mark!! Thanks for the pictures, they look great!

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