Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In the Trenches

Today we dug a 200 foot trench, laid sewer pipe, and covered it all up. Anyone who knows us personally will be surprised to hear that we actually rented a piece of equipment (just call us “frugal” please :)).  Mr. W is a fast, excellent hand-digger, however we decided this method was the best for his back. And what a handy gadget this trencher was. Within a couple of hours the entire trench was dug, and then returned to the equipment rental place.

The trencher beast…


…dug this nice trench…


…which pipe was laid in, and everything connected, then covered  up with the dirt piles. Here are the Long-Eared Girls checking out freshly covered trenches that ran through a portion of their pen.


A busy day, especially for Mr. W, but this is one more big thing checked off the “Barn/Cottage List”. Oh my gosh, I think we might actually be almost ready to install bathroom fixtures.  Yay!!

Hope your week is going well!



Pony Girl said...

I love your header picture!
Your donkeys are TOO cute! I love that you had a birthday party for them with the "edible" hats, that was too special!!

Cluck and Tweet said...

I have to say that I have never looked at a trench and commented on how nice it looked, but that really is a great looking trench! Rented equipment or not!

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