Saturday, October 16, 2010

Upcoming CSN Stores Review

Back in the Summer, I was offered a chance to do a review for CSN Stores. In my usual procrastination mode (even for the fun and positive things – silly me!), I am just now getting around to starting this.

As you may know, CSN is an online retailer with over 200 stores, selling everything from dining room chairs to chicken coops (yes, really).

I’m not sure what the review will be on – still working on that. Hmmmm, could be cooking related, Christmas related… the list is endless with all those stores to peruse! Please stay tuned for the review.

I also want to let Patti know that this pretty sedum is doing well, and it’s such a lovely shade of pink. Very different from the other, darker blooming “Live Forever” that I have. Patti so kindly sent me this and some other starts in the Spring while my Blacksmith was in their neck of the woods. Love it!


On another note - we will attend a local Fiddle Contest tonight. There just are not many of these old-timey events around anymore, so it’s good to see one small town trying to renew this tradition. Of course the Fiddler is involved! Lots of good, toe-tapping music to be had.  Tomorrow we celebrate my Grandma’s 97th birthday at my uncle’s farm. Yes, she will be there with bells on. She only recently moved to a nursing home, but still is in reasonably good health for her age. She always knows and recognizes her grandkids, great & great-great also… and loves each and every one! I am continually blessed and inspired by this wonderful, faithful, dear lady.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Hope your weekend is off to a great start!



Anonymous said...

If that fiddlers' contest is outdoors dress warmly. The nights are getting cold already!

Rachel said...

Best of luck to the Fiddler... he's so talented and really doesn't need luck I'm sure! Going on a long Fall trailride with Hubby today. Can't wait!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

sounds like you have a great weekend lined out! my grandfather was an excellent 'fiddler' up in vermont and when he was young he used to play for local dances...those were the days! happy bday to your grandmother! you are very lucky to have her at that age...looking forward to your review, should be some run reading!

Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Good luck to the Fiddler & Happy Birthday Grandma!!! Have a lovely weekend!

Unknown said...

BLess her heart, I hope to be doing that well at her age! Were having our annual fall fun night with the neighbors, friends and family. We have a big potluck supper outside around the bonfire, a hayride and fall games for the kids!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Happy birthday Grandma! You go girl!
I envy you guys going to a fiddler contest. We watch Jeruselm Ridge on RFD and love every mintue of the music.
I forgot I gave you sedum. It looks better than mine! I have kept two of the lilac bushes going.
We are working on the camper today and little Lizzie is napping, not sure wht tomorrow will bring yet!
Enjoy the beautiful Missouree weather!

Dog Trot Farm said...

How wonderful to still have your grandmother, Happy Birthday to her! Have a lovely time at the fiddle contest, sounds like a lot of good down home fun!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Please give that beautiful grandma of yours my very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish. What a life to celebrate.

Your sedum is just beautiful. I've been in Tx. and nothing has had water plus the frosts we've had down her in this 'frost holler' my flowers are lookin' rather weary.

Ya'll have a marvelously blessed weekend and enjoy this warm weather. We had our fall cattle workin' day her on the Ponderosa!!!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

What a wonderful weekend! Happy Birthday to your Grandma. Wish we had a local fiddler! Hubby LOVES bluegrass and has made me love it now too. We went to our friends farm for a draft horse (play in the) Field Day today. Lotsa neat old horse drawn farm equipment but I forgot my camera. arggg
Kids gone to Gramma's n hubbys at a farm meeting so tonight I rode and read blogs at my leisure- heaven! Tomorrow back to lessons n kids... But I'm not really complainin'!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Well, I lost my whole comment and decided to do this over after dinner!
Now I liked the idea of you growing your pretty gift then presenting it later when it bloomed!
I know what you mean about entertainment too..we have the play The Sound of Music in town, but I can image how nice it would be to see fiddlers performing.
Hey- your Grandpa is up there Tammy, my dad will be turning 94 yrs on the 28th of this month! Amazing~a happy birthday to them!! I hope that won't happen to me
(ha ha).. Well hope you enjoy your weekend! more procrastinating- I do that too!! Just go for it-:))

Unknown said...

A fiddle contest, well that just sounds like so much fun!

Happy Birthday to your Grandma, what a blessing to have her with you still.

Hugs ~Andrea~

Rural Rambler said...

Happy 97th Birthday to your Grandma Tammy! She sounds like a wonderful inspiration. And the Fiddle Contest sounds like a wonderful thing to do on a Saturday night! Especially if your son the Fiddler was going to play his tunes! Update us when you can please :)

I have to say since you are reviewing CSN stores that when I won the CSN gift certificate you gave us all a chance to win I was totally impressed with how easy the whole experience was and our croquet set is great quality and came in the coolest storage/carry bag. Of course it was too dang hot to play croquet all summer but sooner or later we will get it set up and have some fun! I have the procrastination bug too!

We are headed to Warsaw today for their Heritage Days! Good blogging friends, rug hooking peeps and great FOOD all in one place!

Enjoy your Grandma today and her Birthday celebration at your Uncles!

Verde Farm said...

CSN-that is just terrific. Can't wait to see what you right about. The sedum is beautiful. I love it in the fall. 97-that is amazing, I hope she had a fabulous day with her family. I bet it was a great celebration!
The fiddling festivals need a comeback--just like all the old time traditions :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers. Blessings to your grandmother on such an important day!


Anonymous said...

That pink sedum is lovely. Very different indeed. Hope you had fun at the fiddle contest!

Deanna said...

You are blessed to still have your Grandma. I love, love, LOVE fiddle contests. Have not been to one in a while, though. That sedum from Patti is very pretty.

Take care and enjoy this beautiful weather. Can't wait to see your review - on whatever it turns out to be on!

Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

The fiddle contest sounds like fun! Sounds like an evening where you can forget the worries of the world and just enjoy. How wonderful to be able to share your Grandmothers 97th birthday. It sounds wonderful. In our neck of the woods we are doing our fall clean-up and picking the last of the goodies from the garden. I'm also mentally preparing the flower beds and new additions for spring. I've been writing my winter "honey do list" for my "honey" and dream of some of the larger items checked off before spring. The chickens are demanding their heaters be brought down from the barn and the dogs love chasing fall leaves. Cait is still hating them, but at the very least finds them intriguing.
Have a great week!

Cheryl said...

Very pretty flowers!
Happy Birthday Grandma, and many more!
Hope the fiddle contest went well for the Fiddler!

Diana Ferguson said...

Wish I could have come to the fiddle contest!!!

McVal said...

A fiddle contest? Seriously? awesome!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh gosh, thanks for reminding me...I need to order my waffle iron so I can do a review! Thanks and loved the cross photo in last post...amazing but then, we serve an Awesome God.

Dandy said...

That flower is so pretty! I ccannot believe that you are going to a fiddle contest- I am so jealous.

Happy Birthday to grandma- 97 wowza!

You always make me want to move to the country.

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

Fiddle contest...what fun! I always wanted to be a fiddle player...hmmm, do you think it's too late to begin?! What a wonderful birthday celebration...take a big family picture. What a treasure she must be to your family.

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