Saturday, July 18, 2009

Welcome to Amish Country

If you’ve ever been to an Amish community, chances are you’ve seen houses with signs much like this. Today we have cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, and the ever-present milk!


We are so fortunate to have a fairly large settlement of about 200 families nearby, and we spent a good portion of today there.  Mr. W has Amish friends there, and it’s always one of our most favorite things to do – just whiling away a day in the peaceful Amish community. It was a gorgeous day, not too hot, a blessing for the middle of July!

The Amish were ‘making hay while the sun shines’ – among other things. I got some ‘far away’ photos (no close-up faces of course), and we also took several of their haying process – which I found fascinating!

First comes the mowing of the fields --


Then comes loading onto the hay wagon. What a stack!


Then the part I found most fascinating – loading into the hay mow (rhymes with “how”).  You can see somewhat how it is done here – as you scroll down through the ‘filmstrip’. The hay hooks grab the hay… which is attached to a long rope, and two children with the horses are on the other side of the barn… pulling the hay up into the mow.


We always talk about this ‘secret passageway’ that is maintained as a shortcut to the road. I’m also thinking – a good place for Amish kids to play hide and go seek, and maybe also good for the older kids to sneak off every now and then! (I’ve read far too many Amish novels, haven’t I??). You can see a glimpse of the house at the end of the passageway.


Horses! I love to see the horses – not so much when they’re working (poor babies), but at rest and play. Take a look at these beauties --


Below, in my opinion, is the perfect shot and pose, but somehow I foiled it all and came out with a blurry picture. Darn!! So I added some paintbrush effects  to help hide my mistake! Golly, the horse weeds almost look artistic here too :-D


Today we saw wheat shocks in the fields. Per Mr. W: “The wheat shocks are configured diagonally so the prevailing winds dry the wheat most effectively.” Okaaay, thank you Mr. W for that technical analysis! Interesting!


Finally, here is an important piece of advice. If you have a subject you’ve been longing to take a photo of… take it immediately!! Before it’s too late. Here is the Mt. Pisgah Church coming down :-( It was sure a lovely old church in its day.

After we finished our tour and visits, we then stopped in our little town on the way back home to attend the 80th birthday celebration for one of our friends and neighbors.

What a nice day we had. However, chores await. So off I go. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!



Farming On Faith said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. My favorite thing in the world is visiting the Amish! I loved getting a view of your fun day. Where is this Amish settlement? I have not been to any in Missouri except our close by Jamesport, Mo.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I love your pictures. Can I come for a photography 101 class?
I also love the Amish, I too read books like Beverly Lewis. Maybe we can trade some.
Wish I could have been in the car with you and PW, but I was a little busy yesterday.

Lara said...

Beautiful pictures and what a fascinating way of life, isn't it?

Unknown said...

You should teach a class! I love the horse photos, they are amazing! I admire the Amish so much!

Q said...

Your story of the hay and the Amish is so interesting...I was in Southern Missouri yesterday visiting two Prairie restoration projects. You are so right about taking it now before it is too late...
Thanks for the visit. I enjoyed my time with you this morning.

Jackie said...

Your pictures are really good. I just went to an Amish community a couple of weeks ago...Leadmine, MO. They have a couple of great stores. Is this the community in Clark, MO?

Dandy said...

Very intereting! And I love that secret passage, it makes me feel like daydreaming.

Lois Christensen said...

Thank you for the pictures. I loved them. We live about 2 hours from an Amish community and I hope to get out there this fall for a visit. I love their simple life, but am happy I don't have to live like that! Enjoy your day!

Chanda said...

Awesome pics posted today on your blog. I love love the idea of the pic you metioned of hubby and I in the tub. Great idea and I can see it. m It would be cool. You take such great pics we may have to hire yo to come and take it for us. Your poor eyes would probably hurt forever after that.

Cheryl said...

I am green with envy......I too love the amish photos!!Yes I can picture the young folks on the lovers path....too many Beverly Lewis books also.

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