Saturday, August 8, 2015

Get into the Groove

This morning’s Walkabout. 

I am trying to get back into the Blogging Groove! For me, a good ole Collage is the place to start :) I will have a post on the Blacksmith early next week. I have really missed blogging, and my bloggy friends!

Happy Weekend to All!



TexWisGirl said...

pretty blooms and summertime scenes. hope all is well in your world.

i've had to cut way back on blogging. dang life gets in the way. :)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I've missed you sister! Great pictures, well except for the frog. #idontlikefrogs

Debbie said...

I miss it too, though I can't seem to come up with much that anyone would be interested in reading. Thank you for the lovely message you left on my blog post. I instantly looked on my bloggy list to see if you posted something. You did! :D
Not much posting lately, so I assume everybody is just busy. More time in the winter when we're dying for someone to talk to!
Keep trying, and I will too!
Hugs friend, Deb

Pix said...

Hope you get back in the groove, Tammy! I struggle with getting a post up all the time. Think I went 2 and a half months this time and probably wouldn't have posted if I hadn't been nudged. Are you on Instagram? Be looking for your next post!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Hi Tammy! Good to see a post from you! Love the beautiful collage photos and looking forward to seeing you here again. Take care!

Michelle said...

Good to hear from you!

Melinda said...

Sometimes you gotta have a break!
Great collage,looking forward to
hearing about the Blacksmith.

M : )

Janet @ My Miniature Donkeys said...

So glad you're back.
I need my fix of donkey photos :)

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