Friday, October 31, 2014

Quick Wedding Pic and Random Stuff

Thanks to one of the “Fiddle Family” (Trish) for taking this pic as our couple arrived at the reception Saturday night. Love it!
(oh yes, you WILL see many more wedding pics in the weeks to come)


Also, some of our loyal blog followers have inquired as to what we’re using the “Shouse” for. We had decided some time ago that our old house was beyond fixing up (trust me on this one!). We will recycle as much as we can of the wood, doors, windows, etc.. but eventually it will be gone. The Shouse is our “transition time” abode until we can get a new house built where the old house now stands. (Location-wise, Shouse is just a few feet behind the old house). Then after the new house is built, the plan is for the shouse to become a craft retreat, canning shack, B&B for (invited.. lol) guests, family dinner place, occasional man cave, etc etc. Just know that the Blacksmith and I typically take a while to get things done so this new house thing will not happen overnight. Guarantee it :) Therefore we want to make the Shouse as comfy and cozy as possible. Hopefully the basic amenities such as kitchen and laundry will be finished in a few short weeks so we can move in before the really cold stuff hits!

Have a great weekend!!



TexWisGirl said...

i do like your plan for in-between housing. and i'm guessing it'll make for some great down-sizing and simplifying, too.

that's an adorable photo!!!

Melinda said...

Such a great pic. One that should be framed.
The:red shoes are too cute.

M :-)

Deanna said...

That picture is a classic. Love it!

It sounds like you have everything planned perfectrly, but then we know what happens to plans, right? Just kidding, everything will go perfectly for you!

Debbie said...

I don't have a 'shouse', but I know all about 'taking time to get things done'. :D
Cute wedding pic!

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