Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Time has come for a… Giveaway!!

This very post is my 100th post. In person, I’m usually a person of very few words, so this is still a little unbelievable even to me.

Who … me? I came up with 100 posts? No way!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I would like to announce our first blog giveaway.

First, I want to say a big, heartfelt Thank You to each and every one who has followed our adventures, (and ups & downs) here over the past year. I truly have made some wonderful friends out there (near and far), and you all mean a lot to me! I enjoy keeping up with all of you!

So, without further ado, here is the scoop on the giveaway. The whole family contributed…

Mr. W, the Blacksmith, has generously donated one of his super efficient, sturdy garden trowels. They are recycled from authentic railroad ties (correction: railroad spikes! see below!). These babies are as tough as they come, and they just “fit well” in the hand too. They will NOT bend ~ don’t ask me how I know ;-) He has sold a few on Etsy, however the shopkeeper (me) didn’t realize you had to “do something” periodically to keep the Etsy shop open. Oops… we’ll try to get some more listed after the holidays. Edited to fix my typo: These trowels are made from authentic railroad spikes. Some of you may have caught this already! I posted this too late at night and I was sleepy!! :)


Our son, the Fiddler has also graciously donated his CD of old-time, Missouri-style fiddling. His only request was just to mention his website and the fact that these CD’s are available for purchase HERE. They also make fabulous Christmas presents for anyone who loves old-time, toe-tapping music. I don’t know about you, but there’s something about fiddle music that truly makes my heart sing. It can seriously turn a really bad day into a good one for me. Now, please allow me a shameless ‘mom’ brag – after all, I’ve contained myself for a long time! (copying and pasting this little snippet of his bio).

Nominated for two Grammy Awards for the "Fiddling Missouri" album in 1998. Traveled the Lewis and Clark trail from Missouri to Seattle to sit in on a recording of fiddle tunes titled "Fiddle Tunes of the Lewis and Clark Era."


Grammy-nominated, indeed! Ok, so we’re a little proud of him :) There’s also a preview of some of the CD tunes over on the sidebar.

Lastly, I’m including a pair of my “Christmas Lights” earrings that I’ve been making for gifts. These are for pierced ears, and fashioned with Swarovski crystals and gold-filled findings, or sterling silver. (Winner may choose gold or silver.)


So, that’s the scoop. One package filled with trowel, CD, and earrings will go to one entrant. You may enter by simply leaving a comment. If you’re a follower, please leave a second comment telling me that you’re a follower, and your name goes in the hat twice. will pick the winning number on Wednesday, December 16th and I will announce it soon thereafter. You have until Wednesday 8 a.m. CST to enter. Also, I’m not limiting the boundaries on this giveaway ~ worldwide entrants are welcome.

Sometime between now and then I will try to do a catch-up post of Blog Giveaways I’ve won over the past few months. I’m behind! Giveaways are fun! And I’m excited to host our first one!

I’ll leave you with our 2009 edition of the Ruby & Gracie Christmas card. It’s a tradition around here, and is an important enclosure in each of our Christmas cards to friends and family.

All the best to you and yours!


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