Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 Giveaways & a little “Honest Scrap”

In my true procrastinating nature, I have been remiss in officially and publicly thanking so many for some giveaways won the past few months. My blogging journey really began back on January 1st, 2009. It took me a few months to really get going. And boy, I’m so glad I did. I’ve made so many wonderful friends along the way, near and far.

One thing I learned about blogging is someone is always hosting a giveaway.  Here are some fabulous giveaways that I’ve been so blessed to win over the past few months, along with the all-important linkages to the Givers. Please be sure to visit these blogs ~ some of my very favorites.

Mary at Neat and Tidy ~
I already posted about this one, but I must mention it again. What wonderful handmade items! You can check the picture out HERE. On that post, you’ll also see a very cool wind chime I won last year from another blog (when I barely knew what a blog was).

Walking on Sunshine ~
Looky at these cute items! Lois, I borrowed your photo here. Please visit Walking On Sunshine ASAP if you haven’t already. They are a military family, and I know that a show of support at this particular time (and the course of the next several months) would really be appreciated.


Country Pleasures ~
Kicking myself because I haven’t taken a picture of the wonderful items she sent. Sue sent some wonderful scrapbook and other darling items, including a cute gardening hanging pillow. I’ve already used the little scrapbooks! Visit Sue for wonderful recipes and inspiration (a Sister Missourian too).

Prim Rose Hill ~
A beautiful magazine called “Somerset Life”, which I had never heard of, but quickly fell in love with. I pore over it again and again! Visit Sheri for a wealth of inspiration, patterns and fabulous recipes.

Linda at Prairie Flower Farm ~
An adorable chicken curtain! I have Linda’s permission to use it to decorate my future (Spring 2010) chicken coop! In fact, this was her inspiration for the chicken curtain giveaway.. redecorating her hen house. If you haven’t visited Linda, you’re missing out. In fact, as I post this, it looks like she’s having another giveaway. Linda, I hope you don’t mind I’m posting your picture of the curtain here – my chicken coop isn’t ready yet ;-) Also note that Linda has her own line of fabric, among many other things. In fact, this chicken (Farmer’s Market) fabric is part of her very own line. A true Lady Farmer Kansan Entrepreneur.


Handmade by Mary Ann Miller ~
Her special Sugar Pie Pumpkin Seeds in the most adorable packaging! I can’t wait to plant these next year. Please visit Mary Ann for loads of handmade inspiration and a look at her adorable new grandbaby :)

My most recent win was a wonderful “SOLO” devotional from Jackie at Embracing My Blessings. She also tucked in some other special gifties. I’m always inspired by Jackie’s blog, and she happens to “almost” be a neighbor. We plan to meet for lunch someday. I hope we can do that in 2010. If you haven’t visited Jackie yet, check out her wonderful inspirational blog.

That’s it for GIVEAWAYS. But you can bet I’ll keep entering a few here and there. Too much fun!

Oh, and when I’m “showing off’ my goodies I always have to include this special gift from Patti. Will I ever get this talented girl paid back? I tell ya, this little quilt always makes me smile. Isn’t it the cutest? Now I see Patti has her latest “Sisterhood” post up. I think we all need to go check this out.


Along my blogging journey, I’ve also been the recipient of a couple of  fun awards, through the kindness of my blogging buddies. Today, I’ll mention this one…

A long time ago I was awarded the Honest Scrap Award from Misha at From My Front Porch in the Mountains.  Thank you dear Misha! I’m SO sorry it took me so long. Believe me when I say I’m a hopeless procrastinator :) If you haven’t checked out her beautiful blog from the mountains of Tennessee, zip on over there now! You’re missing out! Be sure to check out the most adorable foal in the world. Definitely a “feel good” blog ~ who wouldn’t feel much better after seeing the beautiful Tennessee countryside she lives in, and her beautiful assortment of horses and other wonderful critters?

As the recipient of an Honest Scrap award, I was supposed to list TEN HONEST THINGS about me (I think? but it’s been so long ago…)--

1. Our current profile picture is from a cruise 10, almost 11 years ago. Eek! Really need to update that. Haven’t changed a bit. Sorry, I was tempted to not be honest there for just a second!

2. I have a very soft spot in my heart for animals. Wow, how did you figure that one out??

3. The late great, super-cool actor Steve McQueen is/was a 4th or 5th cousin on my dad’s side. Just so ya know, I did not inherit the McQueen daredevil gene.

4. I love to make almost anything. Jewelry and basket weaving are two of my favorites.

5. I’d rather do anything but clean house. Every once in awhile I try to trick myself into enjoying it, but it never lasts for long.

6. One of my favorite movies is “Fly Away Home.” I love geese! And all animals, really, but.. oh I guess that was #2, huh?

7. I play these musical instruments: piano, guitar, mountain dulcimer, cello (most of them not well!).

8. All the way through school I was known as “that quiet girl.” Being around Mr. W for 30-some years has helped me a lot in that department. He owns the gift of gab, and doesn’t know a stranger.

9. We have some interesting pets, but perhaps the two most interesting house pets are hedgehogs “Moxy” and “Templeton”. They’re really our “grand-hogs” and officially belong to the Fiddler.

10. I had a near-death experience at about age 4 or 5, where I was in a parked car that started rolling down a hill toward a river. The Good Lord, and my Dad were watching over me and made sure I lived to see another day.

Also, I am supposed to award this to other  bloggers. Trouble is, I can’t pick just a few so I’m taking the easy way out and awarding it to each of you. Take it, pass it on if you like. Thank you again, Misha!

honest 4 

Now, please don’t forget to enter our first GIVEAWAY! Post your comment for entry under the giveaway link if you haven’t already. All the details are there. You have until 8 a.m. CST Wednesday 12-16 (yikes, that’s tomorrow).

Good luck!



Unknown said...

Hedgehogs?! I'd like to know more about them and their care?!! I started blogging on Jan 1st too, we have the same birthday! ; )

Tammy, I am so glad nothing happened to you that day in the car, I can't imagine blogging without you! : )

Congrats on all of your wins too!!

Be well! ~Andrea~

Nancy at EmbroideryIt.com said...

Congrats on the award. I'm a basket weaver too. Hope you show off some of your works soon!
Also, thanks for some great blog links for me to chekck out. Looks like I will enjoy reading them.

Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

What a wonderful post - it was a lot of fun to read. I can't wait to see beautiful photos of your soon-to-be (again)chickens!! Have you written a post about why you have gone a period of time without chickens?

Lois Christensen said...

You're very sweet to mention me in your post!!!

Love your list. Love how honest you were trying to be with the picture thing. Very funny!! And glad you survived and your dad and our Lord were watching out for you!!!

Elle Bee said...

Oh my gosh on #10!! God surely was watching out for you.
Congrats on your cool winnings and awards!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I came along after you here in the blogging world. And you made it look so easy....(I am still trying to find time to learn all your cool tricks!)

So, so many interesting things about you, Miss Tammy! You've been keeping sooo much from us. Steve McQueen, you are musical, devine intervention, and my goodness-Hedgehogs!!!

Thanks for sharing so much, and being a sweet friend. Misha

Kilauea Poetry said...

Wow, amazing..do you remember much from that experience?
How funny, hedgehogs! I've never had one but can relate to the way you love your animals! I enjoyed reading what you had to share too..and its OK, I'm a bit of a procrastinator myself.
Congrats on your awards and thanks for these links, hope you have a great week Tammy-

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Wow - you have done well with the giveaways! It's been fun reading your blog; please keep at it. And thanks for mentioning my blog. I'm rather brain dead right now and am just enjoying everyone elses. Have a most Merry Christmas, friend!

Farming On Faith said...

I am glad to have met you and I enjoy your blog!
Christmas Wishes~

V.L. Locey said...

I also entered the blogging world after you Tammy and am still learning the tricks!

You do have some interesting facts there...Steve McQueen! How cool is that?!

Catherine said...

You have been lucky with all the giveaways and to survive thanks to your dad! catherine

Cheryl said...

Wow, congrats on all of your winnings...so cool!
So glad God was watching over you too! I so enjoy your blog!

Girl Tornado said...

Awww, I missed your wonderful giveaway... I'll have to gander over to your son's website and check out his fiddle music. I agree with you, fiddlin' can make your heart sing, such happy music. :) Your earrings are gorgeous, and so is that monster of a garden trowel, awesome!

Congrats on all the things YOU'VE won from blogs, and congrats to the winner of your giveaway. Wishing you and your family a very blessed holiday.

P.S. Love Ruby and Gracie's Christmas cards, that is just too adorable for words!

Jackie said...

Hi Tammy. I'm way behind on my blog reading. This was really fun to read. Thanks for the mention of my blog and I'm so glad we've met through blogland and I value our friendship. I really hope we can meet for lunch one of these days.

Have a great day.

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