Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ahhhh… Weekends ~ how fast they go

We had a nice, but rushed weekend. Firstly, did I mention that Mr. W has a new job? His job of about thirty years was sent offshore late last year. After being unemployed for 10 months, finally a job! Can I get a Hallelujah? It’s a totally new line of work for him (retail) but he is really enjoying it so far.

Saturday,  Mr. W had a not so blessed brush with some ground bees while woodcutting. He was stung about 15 times before he managed to get away from the vicious swarm that came sneakily out of the ground. He’s fine, but we were concerned for a little bit. Shortly after a good dose of Benadryl and baking soda, and we decided he was going to be just fine… we had special guests from Osage Bluff, Patti and BT. It was a short but nice visit! I’ve decided they should move closer so we can visit more often (I’m selfish that way).

The guys (the Blacksmith & Fiddler) picked up a nice used fridge from my sister’s old house today. This will be used in the Barn/Cottage.  Afterwards, we went to DS & BIL’s new farm to celebrate her birthday with gifts and cake and ice cream. I should have taken pictures of her flock of Toulouse geese who were so comically parading through the yard. Or her beautiful sheep. We were too busy touring and visiting. Alas… next time.

My homemade gift for Sis was a grain sack style pillow. I stenciled her farm name, “Little Flower Farm” and Sheep Feed in French to add a little French Country flair. Now, friend Andrea, could you please tell me if I came anywhere near what I intended  to say in French? Don’t hold back. Show me no merci (hehe!).


On our way back from the birthday celebration, we took a quick detour to a local small town so I could capture photos of this. Isn’t it très cool? Someone made a huge effort here, and I, for one, appreciate it.


How did you spend this September weekend? Hope it was a pleasant one!



Debbie said...

A lovely quiet weekend spent working inside and out and doing some reading as well...and a tad bit of knitting. I am so boring.

Diana Ferguson said...

Enjoyed the weekend recap! Bees--yikes!! Glad he's ok.


Lois Christensen said...

Glad your hubby has a new job! Great job on the pillow. Thanks for the translation. Only took Spanish all throughout high school and college and still don't know much! We had an okay weekend. My husband was able to get home for just 24 hours but he's hoping for a 4 day weekend this coming week. Enjoy your day!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I love that fresh painted Bull Durham wall. What town is that in?
Thanks again for the nice visit. You have given me hope with the insurance claim.
Have a great week!

Unknown said...

We did a little day trippin on Saturday, hubby checked out a couple gun shows while I hunted for treasures in flea markets, nice day for a drive. So glad your hubby got a job, amen!

Joy Tilton said...

Hallelujah for the new job! We spent all afternoon yesteday on a project that should have taken no more than an hour, irritating. Several trips to Lowes and we finally got a new florescent light fixture installed in the laundry room!

Unknown said...

I adore the pillow!! Let me see...For the little farm, flower to nourish the sheep..

Sorry to hear about the bee stings,ouch!!! We accidently came across an underground nest but my husband was lucky to escape with only one sting.

Congratulations on the job front, you can have a dozen Hallelujahs from me! My husband has been in the same situation but things are starting to pick up in his field; meanwhile I keep on praying!

Be well! ~Andrea~

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Tammy~What good news about the job front! I love how our gov't keeps saying how things are looking up but the local news tells us the truth!
Can't believe there are no pics of geese! Sheesh!
Love your new background and the mosaic or the header!

Jackie said...

I just LOVE that cute. Congrats on the job...I'm sure some stress is relieved. The Bull Durham wall is neat...I think I've seen it before but can't remember what town it's in.

We had a new baby girl born in our family on 9/11 (another family member from Maud) so it was a happy and busy weekend for us.


Elle Bee said...

Love the pillow. Laughing a bit over Andrea's translation! :o)
Awesome new background color and header--perfect for fall.
PS Spent my weekend with mother-in-law. :o)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the job's going well!

My weekend went fast...too much to do, too little time.

Dandy said...

Hallelujah! Sorry to hear about the bees, I can't imagine being stung 14 times.

I love that building and you took a great picture.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Visited my son and his girlfriend. Congrats to your husband and his new found JOB!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Spent it visiting with my son and his girlfriend. Congrats to your husband and his new found JOB!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Beautiful job on the pillow! Glad to hear your husband found a job, but it sounds like you've enjoyed him being home as well.

Lynn said...

The pillow is adorable. Great job on your francais :) And what a blessing, that your hubby's got a new job. Hallelujah, indeed!

Down On The Farm said...

I am thrilled for your husband on the new job. What a blessing! My husband has had some run-ins with bees the last few weeks. On three separate occasions, he has been stung a total of 23 times. He doesn't seem to have any adverse reaction to them, so I guess he's fine. I am glad you had a great weekend. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend. We'll be canning more green beans this weekend -- our fall beans are doing GREAT. And I'm teaching my sister to make dilly beans, pickled green beans. By the way, I LOVE the new header on your blog. Looks GORGEOUS!!! And thank you for your kind post on my blog. It has been a long week, but I have peace! May the Lord bless Flat Creek Farm.

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