Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Walkabout ~ Late Summer

It has rained,
and rained,
and rained since last Saturday evening. Finally, we have some sunshine today. Hooray for that!

Tonight, everywhere I looked I saw things that reminded me that we are now into Late Summer. With temps in the 70’s, it even feels a little like Fall.

Brown Jug in Herb Garden, Hydrangea close-up, Sunflower after Bird Attacks, Wild Sunflower Silhouette, Sunset from last night (oops, I kinda cheated here, but it was so nice to look at), Spider Grass, Friendly Yard Squirrel.


What are your weekend plans? I’m collecting tomatoes to can this weekend. Doesn’t that sound like fun? So far, I have a whopping 6 quarts canned. I’m slow, but it’s a start!

Hope your week is going great! Till next time…



blushing rose said...

Beautiful mosaic ... your way ahead of me, I haven't canned a thing ... TTFN ~Marydon

Tara said...

Lovely pics! We have had a few showers this week, but doesn't last long and then it is hot and muggy again.
My plans this weekend? Catch up on some much needed rest. First week back to school has kicked this old butt!
Have a blessed one. HUGS!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Must be nice to have some tomatoes to can. I call our local greenhouse, who always sells canning tomatoes, and they are completly out of tomates. Bad year for them.
That squirrel better watch out, BT takes care of them. (I'll send you a picture by email of him)
We had 1 1/2 inches of rain after we went to bed last night.
OH and BT told work he is retiring end of YEAR! Lord help me!

Cathy said...

Ya know.. I have never canned.. I do want to do corn...everyone groans when I say that. Do you have a post on corn?

Unknown said...

We've had some nice rains too, you can sense the change of seasons, I'm anxious for fall. No toms yet, our yellow ones are starting to produce soon followed by the reds. We got them in late but better than nothing! Enjoy your harvest weekend. Your goodies go in the mail today!

Jackie said...

Really nice the Hydrangea of course. I'm seeing signs of fall in our yard and around campus too. Yesterday, walked by a row of trees that were losing a lot of leaves...I love Fall!!

McVal said...

I'm such a slacker. DIdn't plant my garden at all this year and just "harvested" the weeds last weekend...
This weekend I'm going to visit my parents in Nebraska and see my dad who just had his knee surgery. He's doing really well and I hope he gets to come home from the hospital while we're there.

Elle Bee said...

I love Mr. Squirrel. He's so dapper right in the center of it all. :o)
Weekend plans don't involve much--relaxing and enjoying the kids. Canning tomatoes sounds like fun!

Unknown said...

I'm adoring that jug in the herb garden! I think you know what I'm doing this weekend. : )
Be well. ~Andrea~

Lynn said...

Your collage is beautiful!
Good luck on the tomato canning. Do you can them whole? This year we have seven plants and so far they've been producing steadily but not yet overwhelmingly -- perfect :) But I'm thinking in another week or two I may need to pull out the canner . . . Any ideas would be most welcome!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Rain here too! And humidity. But that's ok because I know Sept. is right around the corner!
Your mosaic is just beautiful :)

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Hi your pics in your mosiac! Your weekend plans sound very productive...gonna be some great dining at your house this winter.
:-) Thanks for stopping by the porch! Nice to meet you, too! :-)

Karen said...

Tammy, Your mosaic screams of summer-beautiful! Thank you so much for the sweet comments you made on my post, you have been a great encouragement to me. This weekend, hopefully I will NOT being canning anything:), but I've found how simple jelly making is and I have tons of basil and mint, so you never know...Karen

The Silver Age Sara said...

Your photos are so lovely!

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