Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Walkabout ~ Flower Power

On tonight’s walkabout I visited with the flowers in the yard. We still have a lot of bloomers, but with the heat they’re taking more and more water. At the center of this mosaic, please notice our old well pump.

Profusion Zinnia, Twin Hibiscus, White Zinnia, Wonder of Staffia Blue Aster, Flower Wagon - Varied, Orange Marigold.


We utilize the well pump every day (almost). We hand-pump the rainwater from the well (actually ours is a cistern). It’s really a lot less hassle than using a garden hose. Mr. W is the one who carries two five-gallon buckets out almost every day to the flower wagon near the road, and to the buckets of flowers & ornamental corn on either side of our driveway entrance. It’s quite a trip! I handle the remainder, and water as needed. Hey, it’s good exercise and best part is it’s free and better for the flowers!

I also want to update on my Hydrangea progress. I’ve been using Aluminum Sulfate every week or two, and now I have one of these.


Blue! I’m so happy I could cry (I know, I take this waaaay too seriously).  I’m going to keep adding the aluminum sulfate periodically to achieve an even deeper blue – I hope. Below, you can see the life of a hydrangea bloom. The faded pink bloom on top has been there, looking pretty for an entire month!


Enjoy the remaining weeks of Summer – savor every moment that you can!

Till next time…



Tara said...

Hey Tammy,

Your flowers are lovely. I have a deep pink hydrangea that was just gorgeous before the Texas sun scorched it. Also, I have been so busy getting ready to head back to school, they have been a bit neglected. :-(
I will just have to admire yours!

Jackie said...

I love your walkabouts. I'm going to try that on my Hydrangeas to turn them blue. Do you prune yours at all?
Have a great day.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Those hydrangeas are Beautiful! I do hope you dry some of them.
It's really nice of Mr. W. to water those flowers too.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Oh and I just notice on my favorites, your icon change from blogger to a donkey! Way cute!!!
How did you do that?

Unknown said...

Good Ozark Morning Tammy! Loved your flower walk, I do that almost every evening, with camera in hand! Thanks for the link to Photoscape, I already have Picasa but can't find those neat frames you use anywhere? I hope my asters bloom soon, yours are gorgous!

Unknown said...

Breathtaking! I LOVE the flower wagon and the pump! Tres cool!!

Q said...

It is hot and humid here too. I also had to water the containers on the deck and the window boxes. Using the rain water is the best. I have two rain barrels but need more!
Carrying water is "weight baring" exercise!
Lovely flowers.

Cheryl said...

I too so enjoy your posts! Love the flowers, where do you find the time to look after all the lovely flowers!

Down On The Farm said...

Your flowers are gorgeous. Me, I don't really do flowers. I have a few pots that I plant seasonal flowers in. I have better luck gardening :0! But your hydrangeas, OH, the hydrangeas. Those make me want to plant flowers. Those are my absolutely favorite. I think I might have to plant me a hydrangea next summer! Yes, you enjoy the last few weeks of summer. I really like summertime, but, my FAVORITE time of year is FALL!!!

Farming On Faith said...

Just beautiful~
Have a great weekend!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Tammy: I wish you lived near me so you could help me with my flowers. I stick stuff in the ground and hope for the best. That's probably why they don't look as gorgeous as yours. Maybe next spring you could give me some tips via email if I asked?

Marie said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I love the hydrangeas.
I see in a previous post that you have two hummingbirds at your feeder at one time. At our house one will come and the other will dive down from a branch in the tree and run the one feeding away. We have not seen a single male at our feeder this year. Usually there have been two females and one male. They are really busy feeding right now getting ready to go on their journey. They are amazing--they arrived at the window in the den where I usually have a feeder and had not gotten it up yet. The hummingbird hovered there as if to say "where is my feeder".

Girl Tornado said...

Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the idea of the flower wagon. I'll keep it in my list of ideas for next year. :) And your hydrangea is a beautiful blue.

I think we have a cistern? I'll have to double check with hubby to see if it is usable. If it is, may as well use it, huh?!

Elle Bee said...

Your hydrangea really changed! That is so amazing! I never knew if I could actually change mine, and now I know. I love that you use hand pumped well water. Life on a farm is wonderful.

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