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Why oh why? Donkey Basketball

I have been very upset this week after finding out our local school is hosting Donkey Basketball. We were a big part of that school when the Fiddler attended K-12 there. We had some really great times and fundraisers through the years. None. Nada. Zip… involved exploitation of animals. I contacted the administrators of the school. The only response I received back (from one of the administrators) was very flippant (which added to my ire). I am ashamed for the school. I assume the event will proceed as planned tonight since I was informed there are indeed contracts in effect.

In my view, this ranks right up there with Donkey Roping. If you’d like to read the REAL story on Donkey Basketball, here ya go: Stop Donkey Basketball. Does anyone else find this video in the link disturbing? Especially since we are presenting that this is all “okay” to the kids in attendance.

My first question when I saw the sign in town was “Why?” With all of the other positive fundraisers out there, why must we present this to the children and make them think this type of behavior is okay? Full size humans riding miniature donkeys? Hmmm.. what is wrong with this picture?


Mark Meyers of Peaceful Donkey Rescue wrote a wonderful article based on the age-old question: Why Do People Abuse Donkeys?

Like many answers to life’s questions, it can be found in the Bible.

“Why Do People Abuse Donkeys?

In a donkey rescue organization two questions pop up in every conversation, “Why do donkeys need rescuing?” and “Why do people abuse donkeys”. The first question is usually answered by an introduction to the 1000 plus donkeys at our rescue, the second question however has always been a tough one to answer. Who can truly understand the human mind? How can we broad brush everyone? What separates those who handle animals roughly from those who inflict abuse? How can one truly explain the motivation behind abuse?

The answer came one Saturday afternoon while giving a tour of the rescue to a church group.  The kids and parents alike genuinely enjoyed the donkeys.  They saw how lovable and sweet these animals were.  They remarked on how gentle and quiet they were with even the smallest of the children.  They saw first hand the fear and aggression in the abused donkeys.  They saw the scars, the split ears, the lumps, the bruises and the cut noses.  They were able, for the first time in many of their lives, to see firsthand the result of cruelty that no animal should ever have to face.

After the tour, the Pastor made the remark that the donkey was the only mammal in the bible to be given the power of human speech.  I was amazed!  I had heard the stories in Sunday School, even read the bible a time or two, but how could I have forgotten this?  Embarrassed, I asked to know more.  I thought that this might make an interesting addition to my tours, lectures and arguments.  What I heard went much deeper than an amusing anecdote, what I heard answered the age old question, “Why do people abuse donkeys?”
Numbers 22:21
Balaam, a prophet of God, was employed by some local rich folks to speak out against Israel. He saddled up his donkey and began a trip to Kirjathhuzoth. God was really upset that Balaam was going against his wishes and sent an angel to stop him. As the man and donkey traveled down a road the donkey saw the angel in front of her and turned away. Angry at her apparent misbehavior, Balaam whipped the donkey. Again the pair traveled on until the donkey once again saw the angel blocking the road. Again she turned away and again she was whipped.

Once their journey resumed, the angel blocked a narrow passage between two walls and as the donkey turned away, she crushed Balaam’s foot against the wall.  As the donkey could not get away from the angel, she simply laid down.  Balaam was outraged by this transgression and whipped the donkey without mercy.

As God saw this taking place, He gave the donkey the gift of speech.  The donkey said, in only the way a donkey could, “Why are you beating me? Am I not the same donkey that has been faithful to you all of these years? Am I not the same donkey who has always taken you wherever you wanted to go? Why are you beating me?”

And Balaam replied, “Because you made me look stupid”

The story goes on the say that the angel appeared to Balaam and explained to him that if the donkey had not turned away he would have killed him. And Balaam saw the error of his ways and they all lived happily ever after.


I had the answer! I was amazed at its simplicity and honesty. I had always searched for a deeper meaning; perhaps a genetic deficiency, or eating paint chips as children, or too much fast food and television. But it was none of these things. It was something simpler, something that weak people have no tolerance for and ignorant people lash out at. The one thing that attacks us as the “superior” being.

Question: Why do people abuse donkey?

Answer: Because they make us look stupid.

No other animal that I have ever come across has the ability to take all of your power away like a donkey. In a parade one of my donkeys stopped and would not move. On a pack trip 2 of my donkeys decided that it was time to stop after just 2 hours of hiking. In both cases I was powerless. They had all of the control over the situation. If a donkey makes a decision, he will stand by it until the end. The only way to get him to change his decision is to make him think that he has had a better idea.

You cannot force a donkey to do anything. Beating will only make him more persistent. More persistent leads to more frustration on the part of the abuser. More frustration leads to more beating. You can beat most animals into doing anything including killing themselves.You cannot do this to a donkey. Simply stated, they make us look stupid.

Eventually, we resumed the parade route as well as the pack trip.  In both cases, the donkeys simply had made a new decision and all was well in their world once again.  As I enjoy these particular traits of my donkeys, I never get frustrated with it.  Many times I take the opportunity to sit back and reflect on what may lie in my path (life) that may be blocking my way.

Mark Meyers
Executive Director
Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue”

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue is a wonderful organization. You can check them out here.

I hope this never happens again. If it does (God Forbid), I hope my army of donkey/critter lovers will help me out :) In the meantime, please at least consider this: if you see your locals are going to present such an event, perhaps you can just donate money directly to the cause (instead of promoting Donkey Basketball)… and let them know you do not approve.

Donkey Whisperer..
over and out! ♥



Melinda said...

I have never really grasped this concept either.

Have a great day. Hopefully you
have the sunshine, I am hoping we get some too. One dreary weekend day is enough.

M :)

Liz said...

What a great post!! You should send this to the editor of your local paper, even if it is after the fact. You sure have opened my eyes to something I was never aware of!

Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

Anything like this - riding pigs, donkey's, etc. is beyond my comprehension. I just don't understand why in the world people would do this to an animal. Shame on the school and shame on the people bringing the donkey's in for this event. Wonderful post.

Debbie said...

As in most cases these things are put on by ignorance and people refuse to be educated about it. It may look innocent from afar but it is not. I abhor any kind of abuse to animals or humans, but with the laws we have protecting animals it seems that the delivering of these animals to these events would be illegal by now. It would be nice if your local paper had been willing to run a pictorial article preceding this event, but even then there'd be many who would not be put off by that. It is a shame for a public school to host this, certainly not in their best interest or the interest of their pupils. Wish we were past the days of such things, but we aren't. Horse racing, greyhounds, pitbull and cock fights and rodeos. This is mans' sinful nature and until Christ returns we have to fight to protect the innocent. I guess in a nation that destroys innocent babies each day a few donkeys don't mean much either. Thank you friend for your compassion. I've always wanted to live in the country so that I could have a couple of these sweet animals.I too love their history and natures.

Janet @ My Miniature Donkeys said...

I thank you for voicing an objection both to your school and here. When we look the other way and let the abuse occur without protest -- thats the real crime.

Anonymous said...

I just was blog surfing and came across this blog.. I personally never understood the concept of why we with supposed intelligent thought could do such things as we do to animals.. but just like Debbie states... until Christ comes we must continue the fight.

Unknown said...

Oh nooooo. I am sad to read this post. Great by the way, I agree that knowledge is power, maybe you could share it with your local paper and educate some locals?

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