Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Photo Friday

Happy Friday! Has Spring arrived for you yet? We actually had a light snow earlier this week, and freezing temps again. Today it’s April Showers, but we’re expecting a warmer and mostly sunshiny weekend. Yay!

I’ve meant to blog about this beloved tree for a very long time. This very old oak resides near the fence on the back side of our farm. Last year our neighbors upgraded – took out the old fence row, put in brand new. There was one stipulation: save this tree! I so hope it continues to thrive. Before it was pruned, it had many large branches that dipped to the ground.

I miss the other trees that were sacrificed, but the positives are – new fence (!), and we have a better view of some things across the way. For example…

The old “Gaines Place” barn ---- (I fancied it up w/ some textures).

And this barn across from the Gaines barn…the superzoom created a nice painterly quality straight out of camera. Accidental art?

You know that I can’t go too long without some bird-blogging, right?

Is this a Chipping Sparrow?

Yes, Dude, we know.. time to mow the lawn again already <sigh>

Show Me some Blue! Love our state bird, and so grateful to my dear dad who keeps us well supplied with bluebird boxes. Thanks, Dad!

Finally, a Purple Martin telling a Sparrow to “Get Out!”

Have a great weekend, Friends!



Anonymous said...

Oh how I love the gorgeous bluebirds. They have such a distinctive look!

TexWisGirl said...

i do believe that's a chipping. :)

love that big old tree!!!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I love your random post. HA! great play on words.

Anonymous said...

Tammy you have so many good things in this post I don't know where to start! I understand your deep love for that Oak and the trees that is for sure. That is a beautiful Oak. Barn shots are charming! I would agree with you and say Chipping Sparrow. How lucky are we to have the Bluebird as our state bird? We have had to deal with House Sparrows bullying our Bluebirds! Fun post Tammy! Enjoy the weekend, we are loving the rain.. :)

Anonymous said...

These are all great shots! I love that you saved the tree! I plan on planting trees in my pasture this year, but it takes so long for them to get big and actually provide any shade.

Melinda said...

We sure have had a strange spring
here in the Midwest!

Love the vibrant colors of the birds.

Have a super weekend!

M :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

bluebird photo is great; well done! spring...not so much but hope springs eternal.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

It is a gorgeous tree - such a beautiful shape that you can see since it hasn't leafed out.

The barn photos are just charming!

Lynda said...

I LOVE that we can be outside and enjoy the weather for a while before the high heat of summer sets in.

McVal said...

Love those strong old trees! Beautiful!
This was the first spring day we could actually get outside in good weather! Did A LOT of yard work...

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