Sunday, September 16, 2012

Donkey Roping–Again?

UPDATE on 9-17-12: “Open burro roping” has been removed from the description on Facebook Sept 29 event page and from Eden, Tx website event page.
Thanks so much everyone who helped.. big hugs from the Donks!! ♥♥
And this one is sponsored by a church.
Yes, really. It’s true. And we are very sad to learn of this ;(

Reposted from For the Love of Donkeys Facebook page:

Just as we did in Van Horn, let's come together to tell Eden, Texas that the donkey roping competition scheduled for Saturday, September 29 at Rodeo Arena is not acceptable. Ask them to please cancel this inhumane event.
Please contact:
Celina Hemmeter
Eden, Texas City Secretary/Administrator
(325) 869-2211

The individuals from Hallelujah Trail Cowboy Church who are planning the competition:
STEVE BELOTE 325-245-3425 (“Pastor Steve”)
DAN TOMLINSON 325-869-5206

This morning we also noted that Hallelujah Trail Cowboy Church is already planning another burro event in October.
Here is another helpful note if you’d like to help by emailing a letter to the editor:
The Eden Echo is a newspaper in Eden, Texas and is published once a week on Thursday. This newspaper is owned by A.J. Dolle and Lillian Dolle.

source: For the Love of Donkeys facebook page

Wonder why we think this is a big deal? And needs to stop? For more details on donkey roping, go here. (Warning: explicit photos and info)

There is also a petition specific to the September 29th Eden, Texas event – please sign if you so choose.

While you’re at it, you may want to LIKE For the Love of Donkeys on Facebook

Thank you for caring ♥

Much Love,
Ruby and Gracie

Legend of the Donkey's Cross
by Mary Singer

“Bring me the colt of a donkey,”
was the Master's request.
A young donkey was brought to Jesus
to carry Him into Jerusalem.
A week later Jesus was ordered
to be crucified.
The little donkey so loved the Lord
that he wanted to help Him carry the cross.
But, alas, he was pushed away.
The sad little donkey waited to say
goodbye until nearly all had left.
As he turned to leave, the shadow of
the cross fell upon the
back and shoulders of
the little donkey.
And there it has remained,
a tribute to the loyalty
and love of the humblest of
Gods creatures.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for caring, Tammy.

Please give Ruby and Gracie a big hug from us. xo

Debbie said...

I can't see any entertainment value at all in roping a little donkey. I don't really like seeing it done at all, but they should at least get something their own size, like a water buffalo, or a buffalo. Now THAT would be entertaining! A CHurch?!!! Come on! What kind of a church would condone this? The church of Satan?
I'm gonna email!
PS. I'll be nice, up to a point!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I have a very soft heart for all of God's creatures and I fail to see the entertainment value of donkey roping. And sponsored by a church?? Can't fathom it. I'll be emailing. Thanks, Tammy, for caring.

McVal said...

Oh!!! I'd never heard of that before... and even a church putting this on? wow.

Cheryl said...

I too have never heard of this!! How sad. Thank you Tammy,you have a big heart!!

Meg @ Never a Dull Day said...

What a beautiful blog you have!! So glad to have found you (thanks to my run-in with your husband)!

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