Monday, June 18, 2012

If you love donkeys…

UPDATE – GOOD NEWS!! The donkey roping event has been cancelled by the town, per email reply I received just now from the Van Horn, Texas City Administrator. And also official word from Patrick’s Mom via facebook ;)

Thanks for sharing the love!! ♥♥♥

We invite you to check out this post and plea from Patrick, a rescued roping donkey. Time is running out for the “roping donkeys” set to provide “entertainment” at a rodeo in Van Horn, Texas this weekend June 23rd and 24th.


Per Patrick – “If you’re looking for a way to help, please call Jason Owens; the promoter of the event. His phone number is 432-940-9051. He has said he will take all calls. Please explain to him why he needs to cancel the donkey roping competition in this Saturday’s (June 23) Van Horn Rodeo. We hope that if he receives enough phone calls educating him about why this should not happen – he may decide to bow under pressure. Also, please write to the editor of the local paper in Van Horn, Texas: Larry Simpson, at The Van Horn Advocate:

{Patrick also wants you to know that Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, America’s largest donkey rescue, is ready, willing and able to take in all the Van Horn roping donkeys.}

If you so choose, you can also sign a petition here that may help out. Thank you for caring ♥

Ruby and Gracie


Debbie said...

I am so sad about this. I didn't have the stomach to watch a video on line about it, I'm much too sensitive. I did see photos of the abused animals.I'm surprised the SPCA doesn't step in and file an injunction against this sport like cock-fighting or dog-baiting. It amounts to the same thing. If I'd been at a rodeo and seen that I think I'd be traumatized. Before they cattle prod those poor peaceful donkeys and chase them to tie them up I think they should have to personally show everyone how it's done on each other. How'd that be?
This is one of the stupidest examples of animal cruelty I've heard of in a while. I signed the petition and hope everyone will.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, even tho it isn't pleasant. Why are some people so mean? I've been to many rodeos and used to have horses and barrel race. I can't imagine too many people would enjoy watching this!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruby and Gracie,

Thank you.

We love you,

Patrick, Bernard, Ellsworth, Nigel, Gracie Belle and Buck.

the7msn said...

Thanks for your support, Ruby and Gracie!
Lucy, George and Alan

Blondee said...

How awful..

They are precious!

charlotte's menagerie said...

I signed the petition even though I live in a different state. I just can't believe this is allowed to happen. What kind of person would participate or watch such a thing?

Down On The Farm said...

Hope you have a fantastic day Tammy!

McVal said...

How sad!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Thank God!

Kisses to Ruby and Gracie :)
xo, misha

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Congratulations to all! Thanks Tammy n Patrick!!!
all the critters on Leslie's farm

Cheryl said...

Ruby and Gracie,

Happy Hee Haws!!

Love Emily and Max

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