Friday, May 13, 2011

Tales of The Birds and The Bees

(Missed ya, Blogger! This is yesterday’s post… ) For our anniversary, Mr. W gave me a cute little video camera. {Yay! Finally video blogging!} This morning I used it to video the hummingbirds. They arrived on April 29th and we have a big crowd already. Here’s the buzz at the feeder this morning. We had to add a 2nd feeder. I’m pretty sure we’ll be adding a third tomorrow. (I have no idea why the last few seconds of the video went blank… oops).
Today, we received our first swarm of bees - they were captured in the wild. I was at work, so thankfully Mr. W was kind enough to document the process with photos. This is pretty basic. I fully admit that I don’t know what I’m talking about yet ~ We are learning!

Mr. W whipped up the sugar water mixture, cooked it, then chilled it (all by himself) so the bees would feel right at home here. Please be impressed that he actually included this task in his photos.. heck, he’s a better blogger than me!
bee food
He also mowed an area near one of our ponds, and set up the Hive Support.




Happy Bees ~ Sun bathing.

Now, to get educated on this Beekeeping thing!! Hopefully we’ll have some wonderful honey to enjoy in our future.
There ya go. Tales of the Birds and Bees @ Flat Creek Farm. Happy Weekend, Everyone!


Blondee said...

Happy Anniversary!! Is yours the 12th?? If so, we share our anniversary date!

I LOVE the bee photos! How interesting. Can't wait to see more on this as it progresses!

Lynda said...

I am happy there is someone who wants to be in the bee business because I like the results - - - but am sooooo glad it is not me doing it. I have been stung too many times as a kid and now have an allergy - - plus don't like the pain. We will look forward to more updates.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

What a sweet post. Pun intended.
I heard you got a video camera. Mr W told me. We got one from the kids as a thank you gift for the wedding. So I told Mr W. you can help me learn all about it when you come in June. You seem to be more techie than I am!
There is a fellow blacksmith that is into bees big time. They just went to a bees convention in Texas last month. Mr W. will have to get some tips from him.
I can't wait to see your honey production!
Have a great weekend!

TexWisGirl said...

your hummers are swarming like the ones we get in fall before they hit the road for migration south. hazel is adorable and was completely enthralled.

good luck with the beekeeping!

Jenny said...

Neat! Neat! Love the cat watching the birds...they are so quick. We have two aggressive ones in our backyard and they kinda/sorta scare me. Okay, just a little, but still.

Honey, it looks like you're gonna be in all kinds of sweetness soon. The bees are fascinating.

Comeca Jones said...

OMG How great that you are trying this I could never do it but I can always stop by and watch your progress Good luck!

Victoria said...

Congrats! on the bees. My father was a beekeeper.

V.L. Locey said...

Oh man you`re braver than I am. I am terrified of bees!

Janet @ My Miniature Donkeys said...

We get the occasional humming visitor but nothing like your group. We always announce the arrival with "hummingbird!", but would be hoarse at your house...

Gone Country said...

Wow! Your hummers are much more polite than mine! They dive-bomb each other when they're near the feeder! And love the cat watching them! My cats do the same!

I'm so jealous of your bees! I LOVE honey and wanted to start beekeeping this year but it looks like the hubby and I may have to do some traveling for his job so my bees will have to wait. Enjoy them and I know you'll especially enjoy the honey! I bought The Backyard Beekeeper which looked like a good beginner book. Also, Amy at Homestead Revival sells a Beekeeping book that looks equally good if not better! Just FYI!

Cheryl said...

Holy cow that is a lot of hummers, I have never seen that many...ever! Our hummingbird came back this week, it is still so cold though.
Wow bee keeping what won't you try! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

yoel said...

What a sweet little video. Hazel is so well behaved!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Congratulations, great job on the video. I find bees so interesting, but intimidating. Will be watching for future posts, good luck with the bees!

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Hi Tammy! What a wonderful post and I learned something very important. We have wild bees living in the wall of our corn crib and because of our drought the have been drinking at our water trough but unfortunately so many of them are drowning every day! I've put pieces of wood in the water and a stick long enough for them to climb down but still they're drowning. Hubby has dug a little pond out by the crib but it's not filled yet so I'm thinking we need to get one of the chicken waterer's out there with a rag in it so they don't drown in in there too. Thanks for that information! I love the video of all your hummers...I really miss them as we don't get many of them here on the farm. Have fun with your new video camera and I'll be looking forward to seeing more video's of your farm! Have a wonderful weekend.
Maura :)

Gwenieann said...

Yeah....Looks like Mr. W has been Beeeeeezy. :-) I am sure he will enjoy the sweet honey spread on your homemade bread made by his sweet Honey.

Callie Brady said...

Wow! Hope the bees are settled and feel right at home in their cosy new hive.

mountain mama said...

wow, that's very interesting. seems like the mountain bee boss our here drives a truck like that as well! we've never stopped to talk with him, we really should before we move.

great photos, thanks!

Q said...

Dear Tammy,
Hummingbirds and bees! It just doesn't get any better than that! Becoming a beekeeper is on my wish list....I shall watch you and see how it goes.
Happy Anniversary. Your video turned out wonderfully. You are a natural. Bee Boss did great too.

Unknown said...

Tammy! We can be Bee Girls! I just spent the entire weekend at a bee workshop. My brain is on bee overload but at least I understood all the labels in the photos! My bees arrive in a few weeks.

Here's to lots of honey in our future!


Deanna said...

Hi Tammy. We've had bees for years. Having cone honey to give as gifts has always been fun. When they swarm and leave, though, it is not so fun. But sometimes that just happens. Last winter killed our hive off. Best of luck with yours! Have fun with it!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Happy Anniversary, Tammy! Your little hummingbirds are busy little birds and the cute kitten is having fun watching and wishing she could get her paws on one of them, no doubt! I hope your bees are a success and you get lots of honey. Have a great week!

Carol............. said...

Now you've got me interested in beekeeping!

We do have the little mason bees but they are just pollinators not honey-makers.

GardenOfDaisies said...

How wonderful that you are starting your own hive! We hear so many sad stories about how honeybees are in trouble.

GardenOfDaisies said...

OH! And I forgot to say , that your Hazel looks almost exactly like our Katerina!!

McVal said...

Happy anniversary! I love fresh honey too! My grandpa had a few bee hives when I was growing up. I remember munching on the honey combs. mmmm

Rachel said...

Beekeeping is so fascinating! And the hummingbirds... they are universally little piggies... but so fun to watch.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

How exciting! From what I've read bees are pretty fascinating to watch not to mention all that delicious honey.


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I am always in awe of beekeepers! I am a lot scared of that many!! I cannot wait to follow your bee adventures!
Happy anniversary, Tammy and Mr!
xo, misha

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2020 said...

I love your hummingbirds and that reminds me, I must put our feeder out too. Ha, I think Hazel was waiting on a "sweet treat". :) I miss our kitty so much! They are so much fun to watch.

Happy anniversary!!

libbyquilter said...

i'm thrilled to have found your blog and even happier to be in on what looks to be the budding of beekeepers~! i'll keep track of how it goes, take notes and hopefully someday have my own hive.


p.s. your bee photos are wonderful~!!!~

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