Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Okay… so THIS is Chick Week!

I was disappointed to learn last week that my chicks were not shipped from the Hatchery on the day scheduled. That’s okay though, because sometimes you can’t count your chicks before they hatch. Right? It still didn’t keep me from pouting, just a little bit.

This morning at 7:10 our postmaster called and gave me the following information:

“This is the postmaster and we have some critters here for you. They are telling us that they are hungry and thirsty, and want their mama.” I just love our small town post office!

Needless to say I zoomed into town as fast as I could to pick up the 16 peeping balls of Ameraucana fluff.  Stay tuned for Peep Pics near the end of this post.

I must first show the (almost) finished coop. Still to complete: latches for the two big back doors. We won’t be using those for awhile so they are screwed shut for now. Also, vintage iron wheels from an old hay loader will be attached by the Blacksmith to make the coop portable. More on that on a later date.

So now I present the (mostly) finished Coop de FlatCreek, sitting on the Barn/Cottage front porch while the babies are still tiny.


View of the back, while still in the garage.


Interior Views. Also, I temporarily attached some leftover bead board pieces to keep the chicks from falling out the big door when opened, as well as to keep them out of the nest box areas.



Roost area is storage area for now…



who wants to see some





Checking our look in the mirror…


The one and only Li’l Rooster, marked in blue to differentiate from the pullets.



naptime  warming

That’s all for now, but yes, I will be back with more chick pics. How did you guess? I vow to allow the little sweeties to rest for awhile. Then, look out… there will be a major cute chick photo shoot coming your way soon :)



Parsley said...

I will NOT show my daughter this post. She'll want chicks again. Daddy says no. Mom says yes. She says PLEASE>>>>

The Urban Cowboy said...

Love it, it's even got a hanging picture inside! Awesome.

Down On The Farm said...

Wow! They are so cute. And I think their "luxury hotel" is da bomb!!!!! I am so impressed!

Unknown said...

Tammy, it's lovely!! You coop is wonderful! I must comment one more time about how much I love the red! And of course the chicks are darling. Who can resist? Whenever I see them I wonder why I waited to so long to have chickens. I'll looking forward to the next photos!

Unknown said...

I want one!!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

This was the second inspiring post I read this morning (though each different) Elvira's is the other)- I'm jealous (lol) you must be so jazzed Tammy!! This home is an accomplishment and like the color- truly a delight!! They are adorable for goodness sakes! The vintage iron wheels sound awesome..love the coop office-charming! Anyway, your header mosaic is terrific too btw, have a great afternoon, Regina-

Christa said...

Deluxe! What a beautiful chicken coop. I'm sure your little chickies are comfy cozy in that place. And barn red! Just the icing on the cake. I'm looking forward to more pictures.



Elle Bee said...

OH THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! And an amazing coop! Amazing!

Jenny said...

Absolutely, totally sweet, sweet, sweet! These are just so cute. I wish I could bring my Grands to see them. They would love them. And your coop looks fantastic!

V.L. Locey said...

The coop looks fantastic and the chicks are adorable!!!

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Yeay Tammy...congratulations on finally getting your chicks AND your BEAUTIFUL Coop De Flat Creek Farm!! You did a WONDERFUL job...I am totally impressed with how beautiful it looks and its so practical. Love the extra touches you did to make it seem 'cottage coop'...cute! We finally moved most of our chicks (pullets) over to the 'big' chicken coop Sunday. They're all getting used to the change although the older birds still have their beaks out of joint a bit...oh well they'll get used to it. The rooster is being very nice but the geese are at war! Have fun with your new chicks and coop...Awesome Job! Maura :)

Diana Ferguson said...

So cute!! My sister has done this before. I remember the call from the post office. She went running, too.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA... I see you decorated and hung a little chick photo on the wall inside. How wonderful!!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Unknown said...

Tammy, I am very impressed, I absolutely love your coop. Way to go girl! Awesome job!!

Now about those little balls of fluff...they are too cool for school and checking themselves out in the mirror!!! How cute is that??

Can't wait for more pics!! : )


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I want to live in there! I'm a Chick, too!

Really awesome job you did! Your chicks are gonna be the happiest chicks in the whole USA!
Cannot wait for more peeps...I mean pics! And maybe a video with sound. (cheep cheep)

Little story for you.(we had a few chicks at home)

When I was about six my parents went furniture shopping.

They were building a home, and my Mom drug my Dad to EVERY furniture store *Just to Look*

We went to one store where I guess the quality was less than, in my Dad's opinion. I was across the store with my Mom when my Dad yells,

"Misha, what do our little chicks say?"

And I shout,"CHEEP, CHEEP, CHEEP!"

My Dad was in stitches and my Mom was furious!!
But, she laughs about it now. It was cheap furniture!

I should have emailed you about the giveaway, but I knew how busy you were! Next time!
Have a wonderful day! xo, misha

Melinda said...

Very cute coop. You did a super job!
I bet the little chickies will love their
new home.


Debbie said...

That coop is just awesome!!! And the chicks are so cute.

Rural Rambler said...

Tammy this just makes me smile BIG BIG time this morning. The Coop De Flat Creek is darling and those chicks are going to live the good life! You and Julie at Dog Trot are just awesome chicken Mamas!! I love the red. So, ummm you gonna build em and sell em. I'd get me some chickens just to have that little red house!

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the arrival of the babies! They are soo sweet, I love baby chicks. Coop de FlatCreek is absolutely lovely, so "Country" I love it. Enjoy your babies....they grow so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Umm. Wow. I am SO impressed. That house is SO beautiful. And it's decorated. Wow. :) Did I mention I was impressed? You are going to have such a fun summer Tammy! Your chicks are super cute - congrats. And yes, I love the call you received from the postmaster. :)

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2020 said...

Oh Thanks Tammy! Now I want chicks to go with donkeys & ducks! Haha, how cute! They really are precious.

I was at our local PO one day and heard this loud commotion of "cheeping" from the back! It really was funny. Apparently alot of orders had come in that day and it was driving the postal workers crazy. LOL.

Hope you're doing well! I've been out of the loop lately...just busy, busy, busy! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! :)


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Aww...so cute..Your blog is lovely and fun..and I love how you quote Scripture right there for everyone to see :) :) I'm not even sure anymore how I found your blog :) :)...maybe via Prairie Flower Farm?
Oh, the chicks are adorable. A coule of my friends are interested in raising backyard chickens...so this might be some really cute inspiration for them :) :)
Have a great rest of the week :)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Beautiful. Can I move in with the chicks? Your work is just grand!

Now if the blacksmith would get the wheels on it would look even more grand.

Karen said...

Beautiful coop! And the chicks are so adorable. It will be fun watching them grow!

Linda Stubbs said...

Tammy you are totally an amazing farm girl!!!!!!! I love what you did. I want to be just like you! smile. Those babies are the sweetest. I have my 9 babies that Little Miss Fluff hatched, but you have to come to my blog and read my new duck story! It is an amazing act of God. I am not kidding. I am not going to be throwing duck eggs ever again!

I love the coop! It is absolutely adorable. You must be so excited to finally have your babies!

Love you bunches. Linda
Prairie Flower

Q said...

Dear Tammy,
Your chicks are sooooo cute and your Chick House
is adorable. You have so inspired me. I too want a few chicks....first I will need a fence!
Must have chicks...must have chicks...must have chicks...
I will be gone for a month so I will check in with you and your darlings in July.
Happy June.

Cheyenne said...

Oh my good glory! That coop is so sweet! Love your blog!

cambray said...

I like your site

Chanda said...

That coop is just awesome. I want chickens again. I miss them so much and really miss gathering the eggs. I am going small scale like this when I do. Last time I used an old dog pen area, had hugewall of laying boxes and had almost 35 chickens. Crazy, but i seem to do everything with gusto, wether it needs done with gusto or not. I want 4 chickens next time. Yur litle house is adorable as it is perfect.
Enjoy all those fresh eggs one day soon.


elvira pajarola said...

Cara Tammy.........This is the most beautiful little chicken HOME I've ever seen....gorgeous and I do love the bright red colour.....It is a piece of art!!!!
In Italian we would call this a "VILLA" for the little chicken....
The little mirror for the sweeties is just adorable...the photography absolutely magnificient!!!
ciao ciao elvira

Gwenieann said...

DELIGHTFUL would be an understatement. I am almost scared to show it to John he will think I should build one too and trust me carpentry is NOT my strong suit. I can't wait to see the coop when it has its wheels attached. Will it then be the Coop de Ville? LOL I love the photos of the Chicks. Priceless. They look more wonderful than I even imagined. I will see you at work tomorrow. I sent you a email of something that was born here on the farm today! I am anxious for you to see it! Bet you will be SURPRISED!!!

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