Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Warm Fuzzies: A Basketful of Kittens

To help redeem myself for being MIA on my self-imposed “Thursday Walkabout” last night, I am posting pure cuteness today. Here are Harlequin’s (Harley’s) adorable kittens in a white oak basket (basket hand split and crafted by moi several years ago). These little sweeties will be three weeks old tomorrow ~ each and everyone is spoken for, and going to good country homes when they’re ready.


Some Kitty Bokeh!



One more “Awwwwww” moment, please…

**And yes, I am a firm believer in spaying and neutering. We do have our cats, dogs, (and even bunnies) spayed and neutered. However, we still can’t catch Harley (she was a stray who found us early this Summer). She’ll only allow a quick touch. We set live traps and what do we catch?? Raccoons! I am slowly making progress with Harley’s trust in me, so hopefully she can take a trip to the vet in the near future.

On another note - watch for a Barn/Cottage Update late this weekend. Remember that project? Progress has slowed but we hope to have a small crew of buddies to help tomorrow! Cold weather is going to catch us soon! Speaking of which, I’m off to do some more painting right now.

TGIF! Have a great 1st Friday of October!



Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Those cats are just adorable. I didn't know they opened their eyes before 6 weeks. but then what do I know, I haven't had a cat since I was 5 years old.
Have fun painting!!!

Jackie said...

Those kitties are adorable. Can't wait to hear about the barn.

Have a great weekend.


Lynn said...

Sweet, sweet kitties. I can see why you didn't have a problem finding homes for them :)

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

kittens open their eyes at 14 days? can't remember. what darling little puff balls that i want to pet right now! your harley looks like my callie - perfectly gorgeous. daddy cat was wild and i successfully trapped him after cricket was born. love your farm, love your blog! thank you for joining farm tails!

Donna. W said...

We want a couple of barn cats. Unfortunately, if we get grown cats, they don't stay. If we get kittens, they find their way to the house and won't live in the barn.

Somebody just shoot me!

Debbie said...

Ohhhhhhh, they are adorable. It makes me want to come right over and stake my claim. But since we live in different states and I am still not ready for another cat yet I guess I will just have to drool over the pictures.

Elle Bee said...

Oooooh thank you for posting such cuties for my eyes to feast on! They look so soft and cozy. I just want to pet them!

Lorie said...

It is amazing to me how cute all things baby are! Kittens, puppies, babies! They are all just SO CUT!

Dandy said...

Awwww! My ovaries got perky just looking at those sweet things.

You made a basket? How on Earth? I think I need to move to the country and learn how to.... you know... make stuff.

Linda Stubbs said...

Thank you for coming and signing up for the chicken curtain!!!!! I have that print also of the Amish girl and kitten. Isn't that amazing? Her pictures are so beautiful.

Love these little kittens. We have about 3 or 5 liters. Oh my, one for each grandchild. son, daughter........... They really are sweet though!

Have a blessed week!

Q said...

So darling! Your basket is very nice too.
Enjoyed catching up with you this evening.
Happy October, my favorite month...
"season of the ancients".

Unknown said...

One can always redeem themselves with kittens, especially the sweetest ones I have seen in a long, long time! I'd have to keep them all!!
Be well! ~Andrea~

Girl Tornado said...

Awww, kittens are just too cute. These are some real cuties, such a variety of colors in the bunch. :) So glad to hear they all have good homes to go to.

Anonymous said...

They're adorable! It's wonderful that Harley has found a home with you, even though she's still being illusive - hopefully in time you'll be able to win her over. We've started caring for a stray male who will be wintering in our garage. He's much tamer than Harley sounds and I hope someday he'll want to join us in the house.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey..this will be great. You look like your into a lot of stuff and clearly, I feel almost on the same page..(not sure I could keep up with you..but at least I can appreciate what you do and learn something. I'm stoked-
These kittens are so sweet..luv it! My gosh..I picked up an orange one like the one on the right and we realized it still should of been w/its mom. She's just a couple months old now & gee, I forgot how fun they were..(I have two older ones). Sorry so long here.. have a great day-

Cheryl said...

Love the babies!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Sweet, sweet kitties! So glad to hear they have all found good homes. :)

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