Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow Weekend…. Really???

We have a winter storm watch in our area for the weekend. Yes, indeed, a winter storm watch in Spring. What?! Up to six inches of SNOW for our neck of the woods, and some cooler temps than we’ve been used to the past few days. Just last weekend I was planting our early garden. And speaking of which…

The garden is really coming along nicely. I planted another partial raised bed last Saturday. Lettuce and radishes are sprouting in the bed #1, which was planted one week ago today. The straw bales are lookin’ great…. hoping for some lettuce and kale from the mini bale gardens within a few short weeks. I was also excited to see that the heirloom tomatoes are sprouting today in the little “greenhouses.” They don’t look too impressive yet, but I have high hopes!



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